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The Second Self through Second Life: Mask or Mirror?
Kristi Scott   Dec 16, 2009  

Kristi Scott has published her essay The Second Self through Second Life: Mask or Mirror? as part of the book The Real and the Virtual.

As members of a society, there is a variable and determinable array of both personality types and the combinations in which they fit together. In this particular exploration, there is a focus on the continuum between those who are self reported introverts and those who are self reported extraverts. This paper seeks to explore and lay out the real world distinctions of introverted and extraverted individuals based on published research; then to look into and examine virtual life distinctions of introversion and extraversion in SecondLife® to look for any correlations or significance.

The Real and the Virtual (book download)

Kristi Scott M.A. is an IEET Affiliate Scholar. Her work centers on the way popular culture presents issues of identity, body modification, cosmetic surgery, and emerging technologies. She has been a freelance writer since 2003 writing for a variety of magazines over the years, most recently as a writer and copy-editor for h+ magazine.

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