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The SexBot Revolution
Gray Scott   Nov 10, 2013   Serious Wonder  

Gray Scott talks about the philosophy of humanoid SexBots for SeriousWonder. He highlights the implications if they (SexBots) have advanced AI which creates feelings. Published on Jun 6, 2013.

Gray Scott is a FUTURIST, TECHNOLOGY PHILOSOPHER, speaker, artist and writer. Gray is a contributing blogger for THE FUTURIST magazine, a professional member of The World Future Society. Gray is founder and editorial director of SERIOUS the online futurist philosophy, technology and consciousness magazine produced by his media company SERIOUS WONDER MEDIAâ„¢ based in NYC.

Yeah, it's about time somebody considered the implication of sexbots. wink BTW, you gotta see the movie Her - I thought initially that it was a really dumb plot line, but then I saw the trailer for the movie and I fell in love with Her too.
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