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IEET Appoints Rick Searle as Affiliate Scholar
Aug 26, 2013  

The IEET is pleased to appoint contributor Rick Searle as an Affiliate Scholar. Rick is a writer and educator living the very non-technological Amish country of central Pennsylvania along with his two young daughters.

He is an adjunct professor of political science and history for Delaware Valley College and works for the PA Distance Learning Project a state-wide program funded by the Pennsylvania Department of Education that focuses on extending online learning opportunities to marginalized groups both rural and urban. Rick is the creator and writer of the blog which explores the intersection of science, technology, and politics. He is currently working on a non-fiction Utopia: The Traveler’s and Builder’s Guide that attempts to understand the promise and pitfalls of the Utopian tradition for the near human future.

Click here for Rick's latest article (08/26/2013)

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