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I Grip the Gun and the Gun Grips Me
Evan Selinger   Dec 23, 2012  

“Happiness is a warm gun.” – John Lennon

“You are different with a gun in your hand; the gun is different with you holding it.” – Bruno Latour

I’ve been on an Elmore Leonard tear of late. Right now I’m reading his Split Images, in which a good cop and a good magazine journalist (heh) try to stay a step ahead of a rich gun nut named Robbie Daniels. Our hero and heroine cross Daniels’ path as the car-parts heir is discovering that he enjoys shooting people. Daniels doesn’t just go out one day and buy a gun and become both killer and gun nut. The guns come first: a curated and cabineted collection kept in drawers that slide out so that Daniels can show them off, recumbent in plush, to admirers like his new gun pal and accomplice Walter Kouza, a bad-news cop who rather enjoys shooting people himself…

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Evan Selinger is Associate Professor of Philosophy and MAGIC Center Head of Research Communications, Community & Ethics, both at Rochester Institute of Technology. Evan publishes extensively in the areas of philosophy of technology, privacy, and ethics/policy of science and technology. To enhance public debate about ethics, Evan regularly supplements his peer-reviewed scholarship with outreach articles in places like The AtlanticWiredSlateForbes,The Wall Street Journal, and The Nation.

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