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Consciousness Engineer Mikey Siegel Joins IEET as Affiliate Scholar
May 28, 2014  

Mikey is a roboticist who is promoting the idea of Consciousness Hacking which, in the spirit of the Maker Movement, encourages people to build new tools for exploring and altering the way we think, feel and live.

Mikey has worked to advance human-robot interaction at NASA, MIT, Audi, and other leading institutions.  Robotics work continued in a professional context until a change in life priorities pointed towards technology’s potential to reduce stress and increase joy by shifting people’s relationship to themselves.  Recently in Hong Kong he acted as director of consciousness engineering at the Center for the Study of Non-Symbolic Consciousness where he focused on technology’s role in facilitating extraordinary states of wellbeing.  Presently, Mikey is involved in a number of ventures including founding a company called BioFluent Technologies which creates tools designed to point us toward the simple joy of being alive, here and now.


Congratulations Mikey!  It is wonderful to have you at IEET. I am looking forward to the conference too.

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