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Suggestions for a posthuman zoo

Stefan Lorenz Sorgner is Director and co-founder of the Beyond Humanism Network and Fellow of the Institute for Ethics and Emerging Technologies. Editor of the book series “Beyond Humanism: Trans- and Posthumanism/Jenseits des Humanismus: Trans- und Posthumanismus” his main areas of research are the philosophy of music, Nietzsche, trans-, post- and metahumanism and bioethics.  Published on Nov 3, 2013

the title of this video is kinda misleading. I thought it was going to talk about how we can maintain zoos and other such places when we've granted person status to certain animals. Instead, it seems to talk about diversity in the genetic manipulation of the next generation and the benefits of it. Sense humans are actually the lest genetically diverse of any species on the planet, this might actually be a good thing, especially if its aimed at eliminated diseases and disorders. Still the title made me think of something like these ( ( ( ( .
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