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Sorgner’s Philosophical Approach is a “point of refence that contemporary culture cannot ignore” (Vattimo)
Mar 1, 2019   Übermensch  

In the March 2019 edition of the German equivalent of “The Atlantic”, the “Cicero Kulturmagazin”, you will find a detailed interview, which is entitled “Der Übermensch ist unsere Hoffnung” (“The Overhuman is our Hope”). Here, the well-known journalist Alexander Kissler interviews the new realist Markus Gabriel, a bestselling author, and philosophy professor at the University of Bonn, and IEET FEllow and JCU philosophy professor Stefan Lorenz Sorgner about topics of Sorgner’s new monograph, entitled “Übermensch. Ein Plädoyer für einen Nietzscheanischen Transhumanismus” (“Overhuman. A Plea for a Nietzschean Transhumanism”), as well as many other topics which are of pressing current relevance. The interview reveals the enormous tension between these two philosophical approaches. The journal, which has a readership of more than 550000 and is being read by more than 125000 decision makers, is available from the 28th of February 2019.

“Contemporary Culture cannot ignore” (Vattimo) Sorgner’s Philosophical Approach

From the 1st of March onwards, it is possible to purchase Sorgner’s new monograph “Übermensch” for only 12,90 €: The book includes a blurb by Gianni Vattimo, who is one of the world’s leading contemporary philosophers, and a long-time member of the European parliament:

In Stefan Lorenz Sorgner’s work, the profound originality is accompanied by a vast knowledge of the philosophical tradition. His exploration of the philosophical meanings of post-humanism has become a point of reference that contemporary culture cannot ignore.

Gianni Vattimo, University of Turin

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