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Humans at the Confluence of Technology and Environment
Tery Spataro   Jul 24, 2013   Tery Spataro  

This exploration is a continuation of The Future is Now: Humans at the Confluence of Technology and Environment. Here, I am exploring robots and robotics and the impact these applications have on our humanness and the environment. - Tery Spataro

Tery is a marketer that provides digital & tech experiences to bring brands to life while delighting and engaging customers, passionate about using digital & technology to create ideas that innovate, communicate, promote brands or change the physical environment. She provides digital/technology marketing strategies for brands with a focus on promotion, innovation, communication or in-store retail. Tery held executive positions with well-known agencies, or is brought on by an agency or business as an expert consultant in digital/technology marketing.

Clients enjoy her style of leadership, in which she enjoys inspiring and educating them on emerging trends in digital and technology. She mentors employees by grooming them to be successful in their positions, helping them see long term bigger picture.

Confluence Man with Machine by Tery Spataro 07132013 for IEET from Tery Spataro

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