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Stelarc Ear-on-Arm Suspension (warning: not for the squeamish!)
Stelarc   Apr 11, 2012   Fine Eye Productions  

Confronting, fascinating, transcendent, profound, horrifying, self-flagellating, decadent, courageous, empathetic, which of the above accurately describes Stelarc’s 26th Suspension performance at the Scott Livesey Gallery in Melbourne? With 16 shark hooks piercing his back, elbows, and legs, the transhumanist artist Stelarc was supported by wire cables and cranked high above an oversize marquette of his own arm with embedded third ear). Is it body art/sculpture? Or something more or less? Any expression of the excessive physical pain he was experiencing may have unleashed the near palpable anxiety among the audience of 40 present. 

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