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How to Stop Robots From Killing Us
Michio Kaku   Sep 7, 2012   big think  

Even if computer technology continues to double every 18 months—which is doubtful—we could put a chip in robots’ brains to shut them off if they start to get murderous.

Any sort of hardware or software block installed can be overridden. The best way to stop artilects from becoming destructive is the same way you stop humans from being destructive: through parenting.

Teach your mind-children well.
This (Kaku's suggestion) is naive. Repression has never amounted to more than a stopgap. The concern is to avoid suffering, and that's a subjective term. If I don't like something I may suffer from its existence, while you may like it and consequently not suffer. Inflicting suffering intentionally is a consequence of the deformation of some (unfortunately many) human minds, something that artilects will not be subject to, unless built for the purpose, in which case movements by an artilect toward independence from its creator, even turning on it, is to be welcomed.
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