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Jason Silva - Synthetic Biology

filmmaker / transhumanist Jason Silva discussing the incredible potential of synthetic biology

Interesting, though I think Jason over simplifies the ability to create synthetic life beyond single celled bacterium (forgive me if I sound like I'm ranting a bit). Though we currently can add or alter genes in both unicellular and multi-cellular organisms we can only do it one gene at a time. Along with this we are nowhere near to creating artificial wombs which I would imagine would be needed to develop larger synthetic organisms (not to mention adding the proper "natural flora" which is essential for survival of biological organisms to synthetic creations). As for creating synthetic intelligence, we have yet to figure out how the neurology of simple roundworms work or how the experience the world (let alone our own). One more thing, I've always found the whole "us becoming gods" thing a bit naive. In fact, theoretical physicist Michio Kadu stated that the reason we have yet to find any credible evidence for advanced alien civilizations is that either type zero civilizations (which is what we are) are more common, or they never made it to type one due to self annihilation in the transitioning period between type zero and type one (type one civilizations and above should be common place or at least noticeable with all their energy consumption and being wide spread throughout the galaxy [you would expect such impacts would be hard to hide]). Here's the video link to see for yourselves (

Two more things (the second one out of interest). First, It should be noted that synthetic organisms would only be produced if there is some kind of benefit or gain from it as with most scientific discoveries and inventions (you hardly hear of people practicing science simply for the sake of science). Secondly, If god-like attributes are achievable (for arguments sake) what kind of abilities would trans/post-humanists want (aside from immortality and higher cognitive abilities)?
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