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Catholic HealthCare Your Only Choice!

Combine medieval theology, million-dollar paychecks, taxpayer subsidies and what’s the result?

A constitutional crisis where the Catholic bishops control almost half of Washington’s health care system, using your tax dollars to assert their “moral authority” and make crucial decisions about your health care.

Think you have the right to Death with Dignity?  The right to an abortion?  The right to contraception?  The right to say No to decades on a feeding tube after a devastating accident?

The Catholic bishops think otherwise and they’re working hard to deny you these rights today.

Join host Valerie Tarico, IEET Contributor, and guest Monica Harrington, founder of, for a discussion about religion and health care, why Washington State is poised to become the first state in the Union where the bishops edicts rule, and what you can do to fight back.


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