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July 20, 2005 Terasem talks webcast
Jul 20, 2005  

The Terasem Movement, Inc., a non-profit foundation focused on geoethical nanotechnology, plans a live webcast of its 1st Annual Workshop on Geoethical Nanotechnology, featuring transhumanist writer Ray Kurzweil, IEET Fellow and Center for Responsible Nanotechnology Director Mike Treder, Nobel Laureate Barry Blumberg, IEET Executive Director James Hughes, cognitive liberty campaigner Wrye Sententia and other luminaries.

“Geoethical nanotechnology is the development and implementation under a global regulatory framework of machines capable of assembling molecules into a wide variety of objects, in a broad range of sizes, and in potentially vast quantities,” according a statement from the Terasem Movement. “An example of geoethical nanotechnology would be billions of tiny devices that reclaim hurricane or tsunami-ravaged landscapes.”

The webcast will feature simultaneous transmission of audio, video and PowerPoint presentations. Viewers of the interactive webcast are invited to email questions for the presenters during the meeting to or send an AOL IM (instant message) to “terasem.”

Other Workshop presenters available for emailed or IM questions on July 20th include Extropy Institute President Natasha Vita-More and Extropy Chair Max More,  Professors Len Doyal and Frank Tipler, journalist Walt Anderson and biotech entrepeneur Martine Rothblatt.  The webcast will feature simultaneous transmission of audio, video and PowerPoint presentations. 

For further information, check out the “Program” page for “Geoethical Nanotechnology Workshop” at or contact Robert Daye at, phone: 321-676-3690, fax: 321-676-3691.

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