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Fusion: “Posthuman” - 3D Printed Tissues and Seeing Through Walls!

In “Posthuman,” we ask some of the most important names in science to help us peer through and envision what the world of tomorrow looks like. From the ability to see through walls and heal ourselves with robotic immune systems, to the use of 3D printers to generate replacement organs, “Posthuman” encapsulates a buffer zone between what is here today, and what is just around the corner.

In our first segment, we spoke to Ali Khademhosseini, associate professor at Harvard-MIT, at the 2014 Blavatnik Awards. Khademhosseini is pioneering the push to develop 3D printed tissues and organs. His team was among the first to successfully 3D-print blood vessels.

In this second installment of Posthuman we spoke to Caltech’s Ali Hajimiri about THZ imaging systems, which can cater in the superhuman ability to see through walls and capture the most minute movements.

It’s applications can revolutionize many facets of our day-to-day life, from airport security to biomedical, it can even drastically improve entertainment systems like XBox Kinect by allowing gaming consoles to spot the slightest movements down to pinpoint accuracy.

Ali Hajimiri’s is a pioneer in the field of photonics and silicon-based systems. His team at Cal Tech’s High-Speed Integrated Circuits (CHIC) is paving the way in Optical Phased Array technonologies and self-healing computer circuits. He was nominated for the 2014 Blavatnik Award for his advancements in the field.

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