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TRANSHUMAN - Do you want to live forever? (full documentary film)

Philosopher Anders Sandberg does not accept death as a foregone conclusion. According to him it will become possible this century to upload your mind into a computer. He is a member of a small group that calls itself the transhumanists. TRANSHUMAN is a short documentary film by director Titus Nachbauer. It is about radical life extension and future technology that might change the human condition. Published on Jun 16, 2013

Nicely done. A good summarization of mind uploading & computerization. And Anders’ insatiable and almost childlike curiosity provides a noble and compelling motivation to push forward.
But concept that I find problematic is the unregulated copying of oneself. While I would be fine with a few thousand versions of Anders Sandberg strolling about cyber-reality, I would not be as ambivalent about a thousand unibombers. And the people that have the most extreme, narcissistic or dominant personalities would be the ones most likely to create a horde of self-clones. Not to mention the ethical issues here. Once you’ve copied your conscientiousness, what responsibility do you have toward that copy? If you get a bit carried away, you can’t just go around deleting the extras. That would be tantamount to murder. For that matter, which one is the original and which is the copy? Who gets to make decisions on how resources get allocated between all of your selves? Even the powerful supercomputers of the future won’t have infinite resources. And when you create a copy, what would prevent you from making a few edits along the way? You could make your copies more submissive and willing to accept you as overlord. Then you could be the patriarch of your own tribe or the godfather of your own crime ring.
But these still aren’t the truly scary scenarios. What would prevent another user or corporation from making a copy of you without your knowledge or permission? All they would need is access to a single backup. Rogue states wouldn’t have to kidnap or brainwash nuclear scientists; all they could staff an entire facility from one contraband copy of a scientist. Of course, by then there will be much more fearsome technologies to contend with than nukes—and much more frightening means of exploiting virtual persons. This is identity theft in its purest and most terrifying form.

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