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Transhuman Party promotes Radical Democracy & Collective Intelligence
Sep 29, 2017   Transhuman Party  

7.6 billion people are living on Earth, and every one of them deserves equal political power.

Transhuman Party (a new H+ organization) believes the future should be egalitarian, cooperative, inclusive, anti-hierarchal, motivated by egoless altruistic reform-seeking actions, with radical democracy and collective intelligence.

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Let’s examine this more scientifically: a human is only about (roughly) say 2 percent different from a chimp. This photo goes a ways toward explaining why Istvan is so solipsistic:

The naked ape appears with his spouse and offspring to demonstrate his fitness to reproduce—and thus to rule. Istvan has said the first duty of a transhuman is to survive as an individual; posing with a spouse and offspring publicly displays the alpha naked ape’s fitness to genetically survive. Which segues into the overriding importance of charisma.

thus you have a synopsis of genetic survival->solipsism->charisma->politics.

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