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Time Traveler’s Map, 2010-2050
Mike Treder   Jan 5, 2010   Ethical Technology  

Got a working time machine you can use? Planning a quick trip into the near future to check things out? Might be a good idea to take along this handy map to make sense of where you find yourself.


Download Full Map (1.6 MB pdf)

Here is a bit of advice offered by the mapmakers to prospective time travelers:

This map is a broad representation of some of the trends and technologies currently visible. Improvement works are carried out at weekends and travelers should check to see whether lines are still operable before commencing any journeys. Helpful suggestions concerning new routes and excursions are always welcome.

If you wish to travel outside of Zone 1 you are advised to bring comfy shoes and a camera. Travelers are also advised to bring their own supplies of food and water although weapons are unnecessary if you keep to well-trodden paths. Also note that travel into Zone 5 is not available for people over 75 years of age.

All kidding aside, this effort is a remarkable achievement. The map was conceived and created by Richard Watson at with help, he says, from Benjamin Frazer at Snap. It is probably the most comprehensive and useful compilation of trends, mileposts, and predictions that I have yet seen.

If you like it, feel free to share it (with attribution). If you think it can be improved, feel free to tell us here and we’ll pass along your suggestions.

Mike Treder is a former Managing Director of the IEET.


I have tried using such kind of time travel concept for our last trip to London.I tell you it is one of the fantastic idea to plan thy trip according to this method because you get the fun of exploring a new place within the limited scheduled timing.

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