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Treder Forms Task Force to Study Societal Implications of Nanotech
Aug 16, 2005  

IEET Fellow Mike Treder has announced that the Center for Responsible Nanotechnology that he directs has convened a group to study the societal implications of nanotechnology. IEET Chair Nick Bostrom will serve on the group, along with SF author David Brin, UNU Millenium Program Director Jerry Glenn and futurist/inventor Ray Kurzweil.

In a press release Mike Treder says:

“Progress toward developing the technical requirements for desktop molecular manufacturing is moving faster than it was when we founded CRN two years ago. The recent announcement of a Technology Roadmap for Productive Nanosystems, to be organized by the Battelle research organization and the Foresight Nanotech Institute, has highlighted the urgent need for parallel policy discussions at the highest levels. We must not allow efforts to effectively prepare for the impacts of nanotechnology to lag behind advances on the technical side.

“All of our research to date shows that molecular manufacturing will have a transformative impact on our society, industry, the environment, and geopolitics. Without adequate preparation and study, the effects could be dangerously disruptive.

“CRN is honored today to announce the charter members who will head the important work of the Task Force. They share our vision that it is critical to begin this dialogue and to include people with expertise and worldviews spanning the globe. In addition, we are proud to have both the Society of Manufacturing Engineers and the Society of Police Futurists International as organizational participants.”

Treder continued, “We look forward to working together with all these leaders in their respective fields to establish a factual foundation for advanced nanotechnology; identify potential problems arising from the technology and its administration; design recommendation for global solutions; plan and strategize the implementation of the solutions; and communicate our findings to where they need to be heard.

“Without mutual understanding and cooperation in making policy, the hazardous potentials of advanced nanotechnology could spiral out of control and deny any hope of realizing the benefits to society. The CRN Task Force, led by this talented group of charter members, is poised to begin this important work.”

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