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I am an International Radical Life Extension Activist
Alexey Turchin   Jun 12, 2015   Ethical Technologyl  

In the last three years, I’ve traveled the world, performing street actions. My goal is to increase public awareness in the following issues:

1) fighting aging
2) elevating the possibility of radical life extension
3) saving the world from global catastrophes. 

I want scientific studies in aging research to receive more funding; I want radical life extension; I want prevention of the end of the civilization to become a political issue. 
In every nation I was able to gather groups of people that would support these demands. 
In the beginning, after the aging conference in Brussels, we came out to the main square of the city with signs for life extension. That was December of 2012. 
In 2014, I became a pioneer in the area of trans-humanism in the United States, when I organized a small action around GooglePlex in support of Calico Project and the fight against aging. 

In the summer 2014 I embarked on the tour of the United States. I started with a demonstration near the White House, I continued in San Francisco, with my journey culminating at Burning Man.

In October of 2014 I organized the first street action against existential risks at the Union Square in San Francisco.
I also organized small photo-sessions with posters in Moscow and Paris. 
The last big event I organized was in Hong Kong. That event was the first manifestation of political activism in China for radical life extension. The event was coordinated with police. During the gathering, for the first time there was also raised the important topic of creating safe Artificial Intelligence.

Please enjoy the images below. Locations and notes are: Paris Catacombs, Moscow, Fort Mason San Francisco, GooglePlex, White House, Brussels, Lafayette California, Burning Man, Hong Kong, Burning Man, Plavinsky Family, Hong Kong

Paris Catacombs


Fort Mason Waterfront, San Francisco

Lafayette, California

Hong Kong

Burning Man

I would like to extend my gratitude to all those who planned and organized different actions with me, printed posters, walked to the streets, and overcame their own stereotypes: Mikhail Anissimov, Anna Arlanova, Riva-Melissa Tez, Maria Konovalenko, Mikhail Batin, Nastya Shubina, Roen Horn, Denis Odinokov, Ben Goertzel, YKY, Plavisnky family, Sara, Jason Xu, Ariadna Arendt, and many others. 
It is an easy and entertaining task to organize street actions. Short photo-sessions usually do not require permission from police, and permission is usually obtained easily, if it is required. No one kills you for the demand to realize your lawful right – the right to live.

Alexey Turchin is author of several books on Russian and numerous articles on the topics of existential risks and the Doomsday argument. Since 2010, he has worked at the Science for Longer Life Foundation. Now he is finishing the book ‘‘Immortality”. He is one of the founders of Longevity Party, and the founder of Stop Existential Risks on Facebook.


You’re doing good work!

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