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The Transhumanist Party Wants You!
Amon Twyman   Jan 12, 2015  

Developments with the new Transhumanist Party (TP) in Europe have been very rapid in the last few days. A couple of days after Christmas, the only TP to exist was in the USA. Now, only two weeks later, there are groups working toward registered parties in seven European countries, an emerging umbrella organisation for the European parties, and another group in Australia for good measure. You can find details of all these groups at

​Transhumanists tend to be intelligent, individualistic, and opinionated people, which is good in many ways but which can also be difficult when trying to organise large numbers of them. We recognise that we need to operate in an efficient, unified manner if we are to advocate effectively for positive change through technology in the coming years, and so have had to think carefully about how best to approach this initiative.

The basic idea is that national-level groups will begin to form, and consider possible Transhumanist policies that they could advocate in their countries. That process has already begun. We encourage shared membership across the various Facebook groups, so that the ideas discussed will have clear commonalities, but at the same time we expect the exact mix of favourable policies to vary from nation to nation.

For that reason we are also developing the Transhumanist Party in Europe (TPEU), as an umbrella organisation to support the national-level parties on that continent (and beyond, where parties want our help), and to encourage the development of a unified core of policies common to the Transhumanist Parties across Europe. It is our intention that the national-level Transhumanist Parties see TPEU as a strong supporter and resource, so that they will support it (and therefore the other national parties) in turn. That way, we are made stronger together, as a unified movement.

The power of this idea lies in the grassroots enthusiasm of the thousands of Transhumanists out there. The idea is not to replace technological benefits with politics, but to use politics to clear the way for technology to be used to improve the world. We need people to form and join the groups which will develop into national-level parties, and then work within those groups to help us work out what the Transhumanist Party will stand for, and how it will operate.

Many of us are involved with other organisations, and we wish to make it clear that TPEU will encourage cooperation between like-minded organisations in order to achieve our goals. If you can speak for an organisation that would like to consider friendly and cooperative relations with the emerging Transhumanist Party, then please do get in touch.

This will be a long-term endeavour, but you have a chance to have your say at this early, formative stage. We would be very pleased if you choose to join the conversation.

Dr M. Amon Twyman (BSc, MSc Hons, DPhil) is an IEET Affiliate Scholar and philosopher interested in the impact of technology on humanity.

Amon's professional background is in both cognitive science and digital arts, and he has been a founding member of several organisations including the UK Transhumanist Association / Humanity+ UK, and the Transhumanist Party. Amon is currently the Transhumanist Party’s UK Party Leader, and Global Party Secretary.


Congratulations on Transhumanist Party progress in Europe. Very well done.

I always wanted to run for office on the promise of ceaselessly utilizing life streaming technologies.

I know we as a community actively lobby, and prominent transhumanists do have relationships with certain government officials. But have we founded any dedicated NPOs to lobby specifically? It may be more effective to achieve our goals, and may be more inclusive of the transhumanist movement, which is pretty diverse.

That said, this is great news!

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