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Voluntary Human Extinction
Paley vs. Treder   Sep 11, 2010  

Nina Paley and Mike Treder debate the merits of the Voluntary Human Extinction Movement.

Why Nina desires the extinction of humanity (04:10)
Why Mike wants people to stick around (04:51)
Humans as exotic invaders (05:01)
In search of feasible methods of population control (12:58)
Do our art, science, and culture make up for our rapaciousness? (13:39)
Nina’s critique of intellectual property (05:07)

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Vehemently VHEM?

Well it doesn't quite appear that way? Nina Paley stands with humans, loves humans and decries humanity, although I still fail to understand this basic contradiction. All life and all lives are to be cherished, and although humans may be deemed as destructive hunter-gatherers at the gene level, this is very much likely to change in the near future, once competitiveness is finally put to rest. Humanity comprises so much more than merely biological form and must be preserved. Despite our destructive tendencies, humans are in fact the only life form that can preserve life and prolong existing species on this planet.

The argument for destruction of species as the cause of suffering is valid, yet also the fact that many species naturally face extinction as new species evolve, and indeed are evolving at this very moment, and adjusting through evolutionary process to deal with the Earth's natural global warming cycles. The dinosaurs did not die out because of humans, but because of the destructive tendencies of the Earth's climate cycles and other existential risks. The Earth and evolutionary processes deemed them not worthy, and neither cultural nor intelligent enough to survive. Yet it is said that varied bird species evolved as consequence?

What better way to celebrate the glory of humanity with it’s empathic, altruistic, Self-reflective, cultural, ethical, humorous and intellectual attributes, than with Nina Paley's creative animation of the tale of betrayed love in "Sita Sings the Blues". This animation alone totally contradicts the reasoning behind VHEM, (at least the way I see it?)

Watch, enjoy, embrace and reflect!


This transhuman development movement by man is the precursor
necessary to expedite the decision by the creator to intervene and remove from the earth via non-human supernatural means those whose soulless intelligence has exceeded their moral value, beings bent on the insistence that man is his/her own utopian saviour.

Surely a case of man becoming educated beyond his intelligence.

These people need to be aware their creator is watching.
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