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Beyond Data
Natasha Vita-More   Aug 28, 2013   Adam Ford  

In this video Natasha Vita-More of Humanity+ talked at San Francisco in Dec of 2012 about how everything changes at every moment in time. She wants to go beyond the data we are collecting about ourselves and find out what exactly what we are doing with it.

Humanity+ @San Francisco -
H+/transhumanism is all about human enhancement, so much so that its aim is to radically extend life. The Human-machine integration spans centuries of device-making with a goal in mind, and that is to enhance biology. The current hacking/DIY approach to enhancement links to the very core of cybernetics in steering our own future. Yet something is missing in both approaches. On the one hand hacking/DIY offers enormous abandonment of rigid rules, although its methods might be too unpredictable. On the other hand cybernetics offers a well-founded basis for further digitizing our bodies, although mechanistically sequestered to the cyborg. A third approach is needed. This is where H+/transhumanism comes in. Recording biological processes, sensorial tastes, sexual proclivities, intellectual reasoning, and psychological levels offer a peek into a new type of knowledge enhancement. But beyond data, what is there? Bringing knowledge and quality of life together begins to establish an exuberant freedom of expression and a design continuum.

I'd settle for being a ghost in the shell.
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