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Substrate Autonomous, Networked Avatar Bodies by Design

Human Enhancement Trailblazer — Author of Body by Design: An Innovative Platform Diverse Body. What if we could build platform diverse bodies that could be mind-driven avatars for parlaying our personas within computational systems and telepresence? Streamlined and adaptive, the platform-diverse body design meets the needs of users who enjoy material embodiment and virtual embodiment. This design system supports linear and non-linear time and interfaces with biospheric and cybernetic environments.

Our users are persons who need whole body prosthetics that perform like a docking system for uploading. With this in mind, this body design’s apps and internal and external devices perform as a historical human system, yet provide a seamless connection with cyberspace. Because of its multi-level usability, the design specifies a smooth transition from human to transhuman avatar by adjusting to diverse social behaviors of a connective society. Further, its safeguarding of the continuity of identity is captured in moment-to-moment experiences that form narrative memory and behavioral patterns.

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