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Living With Robots
Wendell Wallach   Apr 8, 2011  

IEET Fellow Wendell Wallach is featured in this short-form documentary from Honda about the future of robots.

I am currently working on an analysis of this documentary...
Great, bring them on! But let Wallach and others working on the ethical side have equal funding and equal voice in the design and development.
Robotics on their own are simply hardware in motion. A robot such as the medical examples that are extensions of humans but are not themselves decision-making are perhaps ethically not that much different than the robotics that build cars. As development progresses, it is the combining of robotics with the other emerging technologies of AI and genetics that present the ethical challenges. When the machines start being delegated responsibility in areas where we value human intelligence and human judgment, then we need transparency as to the basis on which those decisions will be made. Whose ethics are represented, whose needs are served, what is the hierarchy of trade-offs? And, as Wallach has pointed out in "Moral Machines", it is also the combined effect of multiple, interacting agents.
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