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Transcendence, Life Against Death, and Scientifically Inspired Visions for the Future

IEET Fellow Wendell Wallach spoke on the promises and perils of emerging technologies at the Modern Cosmism meeting in NYC on October 10, 2015.

Since time immemorial, there has been a tension between spiritual dreams of transcendence and materialistic, hedonistic, or scientific inspired hopes for improving the quality of life.  Russian cosmism was born out of one man’s vision for resolving that tension.  Contemporary cosmists, by any name, must determine whether their visions truly expiate greed, as well as fear of death, loss of self, and the openness to love. Or, whether these visions mask and perpetuate the demons that have constantly hampered the fulfillment of humanity’s promise.  As a friendly skeptical, I’ll focus a critical eye upon the hype and technological solutionism that promise advances which will be hard, if not impossible, to fulfill.

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