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Welcome to newest IEET Fellow Linda MacDonald Glenn
Feb 10, 2006  

Please join me in welcoming Linda MacDonald Glenn, J.D., LL.M., as the newest IEET fellow.

Linda MacDonald Glenn is a bioethicist, healthcare educator, lecturer, consultant and attorney. Formerly a fellow with the Institute of Ethics of the American Medical Association, and current Women’s Bioethics Project Scholar, Linda Macdonald Glenn’s research encompasses the legal, ethical, and social impact of emerging technologies and evolving notions of personhood.

Linda currently holds faculty appointments at the University Of Vermont College Of Nursing and Health Sciences, Department of Medical Laboratory and Radiation Sciences, and the University of Sciences in Philadelphia, Department of Biomedical Writing.

Linda is on the editorial board of the Journal of Evolution and Technology and is the author of provocative articles such as:

“Biotechnology at the Margins of Personhood: An Evolving Legal Paradigm”  Journal of Evolution and Technology, 13(October)  October 10, 2003

“A Legal Perspective on Humanity, Personhood, and Species Boundaries”  American Journal of Bioethics 3.3 (2003) 27-28 June 10, 2003

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