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Religion Exposed: The so-called “Witches” of Nigeria

Evangelical Christian pastors are committing horrific violence against young Nigerians in the state of Akwa Ibom. They brand children and babies as evil, and offer to “take the witches out of them” if the parents pay. Thousands of children have been abused, abandoned and murdered while the preachers make money.

<b>Boy 'tortured and drowned' over witchcraft claims, court told </b>
Kristy Bamu, 15, was murdered by his sister and her partner because they believed he was practising sorcery, court told

<b>Why is child abuse tied to witchcraft on the rise? </b>
Evidence is emerging that a growing number of children are being subjected to exorcism rituals. Louise Hunt finds out why

<b>Nigerian 'baby farm' raided – 32 pregnant girls rescued </b>
Teenage mothers were allegedly forced to give up newborns to human traffickers in southern city of Aba

<b>The dangerous fight for the 'child witches' of Nigeria </b>
Campaigners believe Leo Igwe's recent arrest is part of a wider campaign of harassment and abuse directed at him and his family over his pursuit of justice for children branded 'witches'.

Leo Igwe will continue to fight for the children of Nigeria, while the International Humanist and Ethical Union are putting pressure on regional authorities to try and bring an end to the arrests. Stepping Stones Nigeria have continue their work in the country in spite of the threat of arrest. All three deserve a lot of support.

<b>Why are 'witches' still being burned alive in Ghana? </b>
Elderly women are used as scapegoats for all ills in large parts of Ghanaian society – leading to exile, and sometimes murder

<b>Ghana: The witches of Gambaga </b>
More than 1,000 women accused of witchcraft in northern Ghana live in refuges, where they have to pay for protection from the chief who runs them. Yaba Badoe visits a camp in Gambaga and follows two women as they return to their villages

<b>'Witchcraft' study prompts action </b>
Action to tackle child abuse linked to "witchcraft" accusations has been stepped up following a report into the issue, the government says.

<b>Witchcraft case sparks abuse fear </b>
Hundreds of central African children living in the UK may have suffered abuse or even been killed after being accused of witchcraft, charities say.

<b>How some African cultural beliefs can lead to child abuse </b>
Social workers' role in identifying child protection risks where witchcraft beliefs are present

<b>The Child Protection System in England </b>

<b>Faith Based Child Abuse in London Project </b>
In the past, the following groups of children have been accused of witchcraft or of being possessed by the devil. This list is not exhaustive:

Especially for @ intomorrow

<b>Christine O'Donnell: I dabbled in witchcraft </b>
Revelation in video of Tea Party star sure to upset those on religious right who helped propel her to prominence

Cygnus - thanks for putting together this great list of links.

I first came across the "child Witch" phenomena about 1 and 1/2 years ago when I was putting together an atheist calendar. I put a photo of the child witches on the calendar cover because they are victims of religion.

I also sent many of the calendar to Leo Igwe, who is a special hero of mine. He has been beaten, threatened, arrested, and I think his father was murdered, all because of Leo's humanistic views and social activism.

I am very proud to have him on our writing staff, and I appreciate the support everyone has given his article.
@ Hank

No problemo, thanks for highlighting the issue

It is common to hear of these cases now in the UK, specifically in London courts, which is why I posted the links. We must all endeavour to put a stop to these heinous crimes against children. Knowledge and awareness is a tool against this organised depravity and belief.

"Evidence is emerging that witchcraft belief is an increasingly common tool in controlling children who have been trafficked. Research by Ecpat UK, which campaigns against the exploitation and trafficking of children, has found that traffickers may force children to go through witchcraft rituals in their countries of origin to prevent them from seeking help.

Ecpat UK director Christine Beddoe says: "No matter how far away they are from the trafficker, these children are still living in fear of what will happen to them if they speak out. As our understanding of this issue has grown, we are seeing more cases where the children's behaviour suggests they are living with this fear and control in their lives."

(taken from the link above "Why is child abuse tied to witchcraft on the rise?")

I did not know until today that Leo Igwe was doing great work challenging these issues. Just goes to show, we learn something new every day!


What is happening is both heresy and blasphemy. It needs to be addressed in whatever manner possible.
Cygnus - I also got your reference, piero scaruffi, to contribute his writings ti IEET. Look for him Wednesday!
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