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The Singularity Film
Doug Wolens   Aug 13, 2009   Doug Wolens  

This feature length documentary will include interviews with the IEET’s James Hughes, Jamais Cascio, Aubrey de Grey, Ben Goertzel, Nick Bostrom and Marshall Brain, as well as dozens of others from both inside and outside the S^ and H+ community. Coming December 2009.

“The Singularity – Will we survive our technology?” is a comprehensive documentary showcasing the promises and perils of future technologies such as nanotechnology, artificial intelligence, and robotics.

Serious thinkers in the science community are wowed by the techno-utopia promises of transcending our biology, merging with our machines, and creating greater than human intelligence.

This film illustrates how these technologies may be achieved within the next two decades then questions what these technologies could mean to humanity.  Not only should we be concerned with the unintended consequences of these powerful technologies, we should pause to think about what happens if these technologies actually pan out as anticipated.

Will this be released in the movie theaters or straight to dvd?
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