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The Quest for Morphological Freedom - Caitlyn Jenner, Rachel Dolezal, and All of Us Everywhere

Valkyrie Ice McGill

Ethical Technology

June 17, 2015

Every major news site is currently packed with dozens of articles on Caitlyn Jenner, the Olympic Decathlon winner and openly transgender “hero”, and Rachel Dolezal, the former “white person” who was head of Spokane NAACP, but now she’s a disgraced “villian.”

You think their journeys are different?

Honestly, they look exactly the same to me. Both are after the identical objective, the ability to be who they choose to be, regardless of the role “society” is trying to force them into.

They both want Morphological Freedom.

I discussed Morphological Freedom in a previous article: “Dreams of a Succubus. There I asserted one of the most influential factors in any given individual’s success is the genetic lottery, the Russian Roulette of DNA that humanity has been forced to endure for all of history.

In another article – “A Problem of Concepts” -  I discussed how the conceptual “realities” which we take for granted blind us and make it impossible to create a “realistic” vision of the future. The cases of Caitlyn and Rachel have proven my point in both articles, and they have bring this changing nature of the “reality” we are heading towards into the national attention.

As I predicted, the debate is vicious, bitter, spiteful… and inspirational, optimistic, and encouraging… at the same time. From the bitter howls of outrage to the uplifting outpouring of support, the entire nation is entering into the debate about morphological freedom. It really doesn’t matter which of the two you are talking about, they are forcing us to look hard at our “unchanging assumption” that the genetic lottery of DNA is the “only game in town.” They are forcing us to come face to face with the hard truth that the future might not be exactly what we’ve been told it would be.

The future is going to be different in ways that we’ve not been encouraged to think about.

It’s only going to get worse from here.

From my perspective as a Transwoman (I HATE that term, because to me, I am simply a woman) I can see exactly how far society has come in accepting transgender individuals. Sure, there is still a very long way to go for those of us in the trans community, and even though we’ve been officially accepted as part of the LGBTQ “minority” there are still those who are prejudiced against us, and refuse to accept us even among that group, from gays who insist that we’re just gay men who refuse to accept our “gayness” by trying to pretend to be women (which since I am one of the 10% of transgender who is not attracted to the “opposite” gender from my mental perspective, but who remains attracted to women and will be even once I am fully female, I find such a theory laughable) to lesbians who wonder why I would choose to become female when I can already sleep with women without the hassle of trying to find other lesbians.

I know intimately how little understanding people have towards those who do not “meet their expectations.” But is HAS gotten better, it IS getting better, and I know that eventually, the reality of my internal femininity is going to be matched by an external reality as well.

But that’s not enough. It might be for others, but it’s not for me, because I am not JUST female. To be perfectly clear, I am not going to be happy until I look like the picture to the left.

It’s not enough for me to be a 6’5” tall amazon, or even a 7 foot tall Succubus, because I DON’T LIKE BEING SO TALL. Being an amazon is just as distasteful for me as being a guy. Not having wings and a tail and horns and even not having dainty little cloven hooves is just as much of a problem for me as not having the correct genitalia. Yes, it’s weird that I want to be a five foot tall demoness with cuteness oozing from every pore , but I don’t really care what you think.

And neither do Caitlyn or Rachel. No matter what you are anyone else may think, or say, or demand, or scream at the top of your lungs about what they HAVE TO BE, or what DNA FORCED them to be born as, Caitlyn is going to be a woman, and Rachel is going to be black, because that is what THEY ARE. You can claim it’s a choice, a mental illness or a fetish, but it’s not going to matter in the end what anyone else thinks but me, Rachel, and Caitlyn.

Just like in the end, it’s not going to matter to anyone else but you if you are a cyborg, a mind upload, a virtual existence, a catgirl, a humanoid dinosaur, a male, a female, black, white, or pink with purple polkadots.

Because. in the end, only you can define who you are.

Morphological Freedom. It’s not just about us transhumanists. It’s about all of us, everywhere. Caitlyn and Rachel may be the current faces of the future, but they are not the first, nor shall they be the last, and they are not the only people out there desiring to be accepted for who they feel they truly are, whatever anyone else thinks they should be.

Valkyrie Ice is a writer and futurist for and H+ magazine.


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