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Institute for Ethics and Emerging Technologies

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Cyborg Law Symposium

November 07, 2016

Presented by Borgfest Human Augmentation Expo, sponsored by BDYHAX BodyHacking Con, and hosted by Graves Dougherty Hearon & Moody

Cyborg Law Symposium

November 7, 6-9pm

Frost Bank Tower

401 Congress Avenue, 11th Floor Conference Room, Austin, Texas 78701

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3 panels, 50 minutes each, 10-minute break

Panel 1: Cyborg Freedom of Speech/Expression
Discussants: Ed Cavazos and Pete Kennedy

Cyborgs may gain the ability to transmit, distribute, or rebroadcast the speech of others in ways that may become indistinguishable from speech that originates with themselves. How do we make the distinction, if possible? Additionally, what about communication within their bodies between 3rd parties—do cyborgs have a right to intercept and decipher? If not, should they?

Panel 2: Equal Protection—Are Cyborgs Members of the LGBT Community?
Discussants: Boyce Cabaniss and Trevor Goodman

It can be argued that transgendered people are cyborgs in that they comprise within themselves the latest advancements in most aspects of cyborg technology including amputation, transplants, implants, plastic surgery, pharmaceutical support, and re-acculturation—in order to modify the body to project and support a person’s intended identity, Indeed, cyborgs may be at the forefront of mainstreaming the case for non-binary genders and other configurations. Cyborgs will have an interest in safeguarding many of the same gender and sexuality protections sought after by the LGBT community.

Panel 3: Cyborgs at the Intersection of the Rights of Non-Persons, AIs, and Animals

Discussants: Ed Cavazos and Boyce Cabaniss

Philosophical and political groundwork has been laid with regards to rights of natural persons versus other legally recognized persons (eg, corporations, attenuated rights of minors and other legally non-competent persons), animals, and also artificial intelligences. What is applicable to cyborgs in terms of opportunities and risks?


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