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Institute for Ethics and Emerging Technologies

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Sorgner in Bonn

June 27, 2017


Neurotechnology, robotics and artificial intelligence offer new possibilities in medical technology. Both the developments in these technology fields as well as the convergence of the different areas on the horizon provide great potential for a completely new quality of human-technology interaction. How can artificial intelligence support the interaction of humans and technology in the field of health care technologies? And where are the technological limits? These and other questions are the focus of the session.


Dr. Markus Sch├╝rholz, VDI / VDE Innovation + Technik GmbH
Keynote speeches:

Machine vision
Prof. Dr. Heiko Neumann, University of Ulm
Biosignal-based Interaction Technology
Prof. Dr. Tanja Schultz, University of Bremen
Digital patient models for therapy planning, training, patient education and documentation
Dr. Stefan Zachow, Zuse Institute Berlin (ZIB)
Ethics of Medical Technologies
Prof. Dr. Stefan Lorenz Sorgner, Friedrich Schiller University of Jena
Invasive Human Machine Interfaces
Prof. Dr. Thomas Stieglitz, Albert-Ludwigs-University Freiburg
Exchange forum:

Within the framework of an exchange forum, the possibilities and limitations of new technologies in medical therapy are to be discussed and evaluated ethically.


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