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Institute for Ethics and Emerging Technologies

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Hughes, LaTorra, Fauve, Cascio, Treder @ Convergence 08

November 15, 2008

The IEET has joined with Humanity Plus (World Transhumanist Association), the Singularity Institute for Artificial Intelligence, the Immortality Institute, the Foresight Institute, the Long Now Foundation, the Methuselah Foundation, the Millenium Project, Reason Foundation and the Accelerating Studies Foundation.  and CyBeRev to sponsor Convergence 08 at the Computer History Museum.


Join a historic convergence of leading long term organizations and thought leaders. Two days with people at the forefront of world-changing technologies that may reshape our career, body and mind – that challenge our perception of what can and should be done.

Convergence08 is an Unconference: each day starts and ends with an eye-opening debate or keynote to inspire us, and the remaining agenda is created by YOU.

Join in freewheeling discussions on topics below, or – better yet – convene your own group focused on exactly what you think is most important:

  * Neurotechnology
  * Artificial general intelligence
  * Synthetic biology
  * Human enhancement
  * Space tourism
  * Social software
  * Prediction markets
  * Nanotechnology
  * Smart drugs
  * Bioethics
  * Cleantech
  * NBIC startup tips
  * Reputation systems
  * Life extension / anti-aging
  * Accelerating change
  * Biotechnology
  * Open source everything
  * Sousveillance / privacy

Don’t see your topics here? Add them to the Convergence08 Wiki! You just may get a new startup or film project crystallizing around your topic before the conference is over.

All this takes place at the Computer History Museum in the heart of Silicon Valley – where new technological revolutions grow like weeds. Come help plant the next one!



  * Paul Saffo, Long-term technology forecaster

Synthetic Biology Debate

  * J. Christopher Anderson, UC Berkeley
  * Denise Caruso, Hybrid Vigor Institute
  * Gregory Benford, UC Irvine, Genescient
  * Andrew Hessel, Alberta Ingenuity Fund

Artificial Intelligence Debate

  * Ben Goertzel, Novamente, Singularity Institute
  * Peter Norvig, Director of Research at Google
  * Steve Omohundro, Self-Aware Systems
  * Barney Pell, Founder of Powerset

Longevity Intervention Debate

  * Bruce Ames, UC Berkeley
  * Aubrey de Grey, Methuselah Foundation
  * Terry Grossman, Frontier Medical Institute
  * Chris Heward, Kronos Science Laboratory


Contact: Executive Director, Dr. James J. Hughes,
IEET, 35 Harbor Point Blvd, #404, Boston, MA 02125-3242 USA
phone: 860-428-1837