Printed: 2020-08-08

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Will future tech produce less equality or more?

August 04, 2011

Asked this question in a recently concluded poll, IEET readers could not agree on an answer. Close to 30% said Less, close to 30% said More, and about the same amount said Neither.

Will transformative new technologies — genetics, robotics, AI, nanotech, etc. — lead to MORE equality among humans, or LESS equality?


Here are some of the “Other” answers that were submitted:

  • Transhumanism will be outlawed so it matters little.
  • Neither, because they are all just tools for people who are either smart or dumb.
  • They may lead toward equality and less fighting each other over our planet resources.
  • I hope everybody will have enough to eat and a decent place to live.
  • This depends on the success of social struggle in the coming decades.
  • More, because an AI singleton will enforce it.
  • Arrogance and exploitation will always be factors.
  • First more, then less.
  • It depends on the process and people behind it.


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