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New Affiliate Scholars: Jønathan Lyons and Marc Roux

September 15, 2013

The IEET is pleased to announce the appointment of writer J√łnathan Lyons and French technoprogressive activist Marc Roux as Affiliate Scholars.

J√łnathan Lyons is a transhumanist parent, an essayist, and an author of experimental fiction both long and short. He lives in central Pennsylvania and teaches at Bucknell University. His fiction publications include the experimental book of fiction Minnows: A Shattered Novel.

Marc Roux  is an Affiliate Scholar of the IEET. He holds a bachelor of science, but his doctoral studies in medieval history have led him to an ongoing investigation of the identities and boundaries between the peoples of Europe. He has taught for the last ten years in Paris.  He has been an activist in the trade union movement and parties of the Left, and in 2009 co-founded AFT : Technoprog!, a transhumanist/technoprogressive organization. Through Technoprog! he organized the online exhibition “Devenir humain, the art of transhumanism.” and four conferences in Paris on various aspects of transhumanism, three of which were at the University of the Sorbonne. He manages the Technoprog website, mailing lists and fora, and is leading a committee revising the Technoprog! Platform. Marc has been interviewed often on transhumanism and biopolitics in the European press, included by France Culture, Liberation, Marianne, Politis, Re-public, Silicon Maniacs, Mesacosan, Hermes and CNETFrance, and has consulted for EHESS - Paris ( Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales) and the think tank Terra Nova.


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