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Aspects of Artificial General Intelligence - AGI 13 Interview

September 16, 2013

In this video Ben Goertzel talks with Adam Ford about his paper “Probability Theory Ensues from Assumptions of Approximate Consistency: A Simple Derivation and its Implications for AGI” at AGI-13@PKU conference (Beijing) on July 31 to August 3 of 2013.

* Probability theory as a key tool in building advanced, rational AGI systems
* Mind-body integration as key to human-like intelligence
* The importance of integrative design and dynamics in AGI systems
* The systems theory of mind, reflecting the integration of mind, body and society
* Deep learning algorithms as a particular reflection of the system-theoretic principle of hierarchical pattern composition
* Lojban as a potential tool for easing human-AGI communication in the early stages
* OpenCog AGI architecture as an exemplification of systems based AI



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