Recent Books by IEET Fellows and Staff
Evolving Mind Stressing the importance of self-organization in the evolution of complex systems, Dr. Goertzel analyzes an array of recent developments in neuropsychology, computer science and theoretical biology, emerging with cutting-edge insight regarding the structure of memory, the evolution of the brain, the psychological importance of fractals, and the relationship between genetics and macroevolution. The result is a completely new way of looking at evolution and the mind.
The Structure of Intelligence
Apartheid of Sex : A Manifesto on the Freedom of Gender Rothblatt makes a case for the adoption of a new sexual model that accommodates every shade of gender identity. She reveals that traditional male and female roles are dictated neither by genetics, genitals, nor reproductive biology, but rather by social attitudes that originated in early patriarchal cultures and that have been institutionalized in modern law, and she calls a new acceptance of human sexuality in all its prismatic variety
Contrary Modes
Urban Fantasies