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NOTE: This is a work in progress, still in its early stages. Many pages are not complete or even started yet. We look forward to rapid expansion, however, and encourage all to participate in this exciting project of the IEET.

Introduction to the Technoprogressive Wiki

Encyclopedia of Terms and Ideas

Technoprogressive Policy Wiki
1. TechnoCitizenship and Science Policy
2. Expanding and Deepening the Rights of the Person
3. Protecting Global Peace Democracy and Security

Rubric for writing technoprogressive policy documents

Related Platforms:

Cyborg Bill of Rights (Chris Hables Gray, 2001)
The Transhumanist Declaration (WTA, 2002)
Transhumanist Manifesto  (Italian Transhumanist Association, 2008)
The Transhumanist Declaration 2009 (Humanity+)
Technoprogressive Declaration (2014, Paris)
UK Transhumanist Party Platform 2015
Technoprogressive Political Platform for the USA (2015, Ben Goertzel)
Transhumanist Bill of Rights (Zoltan Istvan, 2016)
Transpolitica Manifesto (Transpolitica, 2016)
A Transhumanist Manifesto (2016, Socrates)