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Bioluddism is a modern movement of opposition to specific or general technological development and Emerging technologies. The term “Bioluddite” is derived from Luddite, a political/historical term relating to a political movement by that name, that took place in England during the Industrial Revolution. The term “Bioluddite” is used to describe persons or organizations that resist technological advances.

Bioluddites come from a variety of political backgrounds, ranging from anarchists (such as anarcho-primitivists) to political conservatives (such as eco-fascists).

Bioluddites who do not argue up front that technology is intrinsically bad believe that it will inevitably be used by the elite and powerful to subjugate the less powerful and should therefore be abandoned. Some Bioluddites hold that medicine makes people sick and should therefore be eliminated.

Bioluddites argue against technologies such as genetic engineering on the basis that they are “playing God” or are going against the “Natural Order.”

Bioluddites claim that there are a wide range of problems with the development of technology, including:
*increases in government/corporate control over individual lives, which might lead to a totalitarian state
*loss of personal privacy due to development of surveillance technologies
*alienation, depression, and other mental disorders
*environmental degradation
*increased division of labor
*health problems caused by industrialization, such as cancers, heart disease, and birth defects
*social decay
*the possibility of Nuclear war
*cruelty to animals
*the destruction of tribal and nature-based ways of life

Some Bioluddites, such as those in the anarcho-primitivist or green anarchist movements, advance explicitly anti-technology arguments, viewing technology as a fundamental form of oppression, destruction, and alienation. Notable thinkers and writers in this vein include John Zerzan, Derrick Jensen, Jacques Ellul, Kirkpatrick Sale, and Chellis Glendinning.

The actions and words of Unabomber Theodore Kaczynski and groups like the Earth Liberation Front may also be seen as a militant articulation of Luddism.

Some Bioluddite green anarchist militants have taken the prospect of a Singularity seriously enough to have called for violent direct action to stop it.

The historical Luddite movement of the early 19th century is often referenced positively by people who consider themselves Bioluddites.

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