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View Dynamic happiness

The term"dynamic happiness” is used to distinguish between the happiness associated with the dangers of Wireheading and the more productive happiness associated with Flourishing personality.“Dynamic” is defined in Webster’s dictionary as"marked by usually continuous and productive activity or change,” so dynamic happiness refers to a state where an individual’s happiness is maximized while their motivations and productivity are preserved.

Unlike in wireheading where there is a danger of not even seeking out food and drink because of overwhelming bliss, dynamic happiness can involve states of extreme happiness but it can preserve desires to seek change, experiences, or new environments.

The concept of dynamic happiness has different implications for the present, future, and far future. Currently, studies show that although those who are happier tend to be more productive, the very happiest people are not the most productive. In the future, there may be Cognitive enhancement drugs or nanotechnology that allows for safer, more powerful, and more precise manipulation of the mind and brain than today’s relatively imprecise and less-powerful interventions. Advanced technologies could enhance not only happiness, but productivity and flourishing.

Dynamic happiness is related to Abolitionism and the Hedonistic Imperative, which advocates use of gradients of bliss to increase motivation.