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View Non-anthropocentric personhood ethics

Non-anthropocentric personhood ethics is a system of rights based on the qualities of personhood rather than on"humanness.” In contrast to the human-racist positions of bioconservatives, technoprogressives adopt a non-anthropocentric system of ethics in order to accommodate non-humans ranging from animals, such as Great Apes, to posthumans.

Non-anthropocentric personhood ethics does not assign value to embryos or the brain dead on the basis that they are human. Instead, it values the humans who are alive and actually persons. Additionally, non-anthropocentric ethics extends varying degrees of personhood to non-human entities on the basis of intellectual complexity. Thus, cetaceans or great apes receive some rough moral parity with humans.

Non-anthropcentric personhood ethics also has room for expansion as artificial intelligences, transhumans, and advanced robots become a part of society.

In Citizen Cyborg, IEET Executive Director James Hughes outlines the rights associated with non-anthropocentric ethics:

Citizen Cyborg by James Hughes
Humanism for personhood: against human-racism: a new fight for human rights
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