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View Promoting Responsible Technological Innovation

Beyond Resignation and Relinquishment to Research, Regulation and Resilience

The U.S. Congress should re-establish the Office of Technology Assessment

Rejecting the Therapy/Enhancement Distinction

Research and health insurance priority-setting, and regulatory risk assessment, should be based on the potential for the improvement of human capabilities, regardless of whether the proposed technology is a “therapy” or “enhancement.”

Yuck factor
Quality-adjusted life year
Capabilities theory

Liberalizing access to enhancement technologies for public use

For clinical neurointerventions, there is a good case for imposing strict restrictions based on risk and efficacy in order to protect vulnerable patients. By contrast, when technologies are intended for enhancement it is more important that potential consumers are well informed about an intervention’s mechanism, risks and effectiveness; the assessment of benefits and the weight they should be accorded should be made by the consumer. This points to a regulatory model whereby the most dangerous enhancement technologies will be filtered out of the market, leaving individuals free to choose which small-to-moderate risks they are willing to take in pursuit of their well-being.

Support for the Public Financing of Research

Keeping Science Policy Autonomy from Religious and Corporate Interference

Neuroscience and Neurotechnology

Cognitive enhancement research

Obama BRAIN Initiative, Brain Mapping and Brain-Machine Interfaces

Neural prosthetics

Anti-Aging Research and The Longevity Dividend

Reforming Drug and Device Regulation

Technoprogressives promote rigorous, independent safety testing of technologies, rejecting both free-market laissez-faire and Luddite bans on hubris.

Regulate for Safety and Efficacy, not the Yuck factor

The size and mandate of the EPA and FDA, and their European parallels, should be expanded to rapidly vet the safety of new industrial materials, drugs and medical devices.

Liberalizing Access to Experimental Drugs and Devices through Progressive Licensing and Open source clinical trials

Expand Use of Transgenic Animals in Clinical Trials

Expand Use of In silico biology Methods in Clinical Trials

International agencies should be empowered to harmonize and enforce global regulations on the safety of industrial and medical technologies.

Reforming Intellectual Property and Promoting Technological Innovation

Protecting fair use, and restricting intellectual property overreach.

Restricting patents on genes to entirely novel, invented genes.

Protecting the humanitarian abrogation of intellectual property.

Promoting open source science and free culture.

Colonizing the Solar System

Technoprogressives believe in the need for the inspiration and education that the peaceful exploration of Space provides. Building a space program also serves tangible needs here on Earth, such as space-based monitoring of environmental conditions. But it also increases the likelihood of human life surviving existential threats.

The peaceful exploration of Space is threatened by the militarization of Space.  In the United States the funds required for continuing peaceful Space exploration have been used, instead, for the design, implementation and deployment of wasteful and dangerous space hardware, such as the Strategic Defense Initiative.

Technoprogressives call for the end of Space militarization and opposes any form of space-based military aggression. We embrace peaceful colonization of the solar system as a means for all people on this planet to work together to pursue our destiny in space.

Space Program: Moon and Mars