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View Technological self-determination

Technological self-determination is the right to determine the extent and manner in which one will or will not take advantage of technology. It includes the right to have equal access to human enhancement and technological empowerment.

It is important to technoprogressives to bridge the Digital Divide and ensure equal access to Emerging technologies such as Germinal choice and strategies for engineered negligible senescence. However, it is similarly important that individuals do not experience undue pressure or coercion to take advantage of enabling technologies such as Cognitive enhancement drugs.

As the Humanity+ website notes, Transhumanism is a movement with roots in the fundamental demand of liberal democracy that"sane, adult citizens have a right to control their own bodies and minds.”

In contrast to the ideal of technological self-determination, some bioconservatives rely on the the concept of"human dignity” to argue against the right to take advantage of NBIC (nanotechnology, Biotechnology, and information and cognitive sciences) technologies for enhancement or other purposes that go against the Yuck factor.

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