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Enablement” refers to human enhancement by applying Emerging technologies to modify human capacities.

Zack Lynch, managing director of NeuroInsights, recommended at an AAAS workshop, the term"enablement” as a replacement for the current buzz-word"enhancement” after noting that the line between therapy and enhancement is particularly faint and subjective. He believes the term enhancement is already politically charged in both its meaning and use among science policy players. He sees no hard line between"therapy” and"enhancement” ; instead, there is a range of capacities already in normal distribution among the population, and enablement refers to maximizing each person’s latent potential.

Zack Lynch argues that neurotechnologies will have a more immediate effect on society than gene therapy and will face less resistance as a pathway of radical human enhancement.

Critics of the term “human enhancement” want to use more neutral language, and advance the public interest in so-called “human enhancement technologies,” and thus prefer the term “enablement” over “enhancement.” Some argue that"human enhancement” is a loaded term which has eugenic overtones because it may imply the improvement of human hereditary traits to attain a universally accepted norm of biological fitness (at the possible expense of human biodiversity and neurodiversity), and therefore can evoke negative reactions far beyond the specific meaning of the term.

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