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IEET > Former > Nick Bostrom

Nick Bostrom

Nick Bostrom Ph.D. is a Professor of Applied Ethics at Oxford University, and the Director of the Oxford Future of Humanity Institute. Dr. Bostrom co-founded the Institute for Ethics and Emerging Technologies in 2005 and served as Chair of its Board of Directors until 2011. In 2011 he stepped down as Chair and was appointed as Senior Fellow.  Dr. Bostrom also co-founded the World Transhumanist Association (Humanity+) in 1998 and served as Chair of its Board of Directors until 2009. Professor Bostrom is a frequent spokesperson and commentator in the media, and has consulted for the President’s Council on Bioethics (USA), the Central Intelligence Agency (USA), the European Commission, and the European Group on Ethics (Brussels), among many groups. Dr. Bostrom has a background in cosmology, computational neuroscience, mathematical logic, philosophy, and artificial intelligence, and his research addresses the philosophy of science, probability theory, and the ethical and strategic implications of emerging and future technologies. He is author of the book Anthropic Bias: Observation Selection Effects in Science and Philosophy (Routledge, New York, 2002), and has co-edited the book Global Catastrophic Risks (Oxford University Press, 2008) with Milan Cirkovic, and Human Enhancement (Oxford University Press, 2009) with Julian Savulescu.

Dr. Bostrom is available for media interviews.

Home Page |


Superintelligence: Paths, Dangers, Strategies by Nick Bostrom (2014)

The Transhumanist Reader: Classical and Contemporary Essays by eds. Max More and Natasha Vita-More (2013)

Human Enhancement by Edited by Julian Savulescu and Nick Bostrom (2009)

Global Catastrophic Risks by eds. Nick Bostrom and Milan M. Cirkovic (2008)

Anthropic Bias: Observation Selections Effects in Science and Philosophy by Nick Bostrom (2002)


"Existential Risks Now to Yield AI Enrichment, Not Destruction"   Ethical Technology  Oct 17, 2015

"Anthropic Shadow: Observation Selection Effects and Human Extinction Risks"   Risk Analysis (Aug 2010)  Aug 20, 2010

"Human Enhancement Ethics: The State of the Debate"   Nick Bostrom and Julian Savulescu's Introduction to Human Enhancement (2009)   Sep 11, 2009

"When Will Computers Be Smarter Than Us?"   Forbes  Jun 24, 2009

"American Spectator reviews Catastrophic Risks"   Ethical Technology  May 13, 2009

"Why I hope the search for extraterrestrial life finds nothing"   Technology Review  Apr 27, 2008

"The Future of Humanity"   New Waves in Philosophy of Technology, eds. Jan-Kyrre Berg Olsen and Evan Selinger (Palgrave McMillan, 2007)  Mar 6, 2008

"Smart Policy: Cognitive Enhancement in the Public Interest"   Rathenau Institute in collaboration with the UK Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology: 2007  Feb 26, 2008

"Origins and Theory of the World Transhumanist Association"   Cronopis  Dec 26, 2007

"The dark side of the Simulation Argument"   Sentient Developments  Aug 16, 2007

"INTERVIEW - Nick Bostrom on the future, transhumanism and the end of the world"   SF Diplomat  Jan 22, 2007

"Cognitive Enhancement: A Review of Technology"   EU ENHANCE Project Publication  Jan 15, 2007

"Converging Cognitive Enhancements"   and Anders Sandberg. in Ann. N.Y. Acad. Sci. 1093: 201–227 (2006).  Dec 12, 2006

"Dignity and Enhancement"   Commissioned for The President’s Council on Bioethics  Nov 25, 2006

"Cognitive Enhancement: Methods, Ethics, Regulatory Challenges"   with Anders Sandberg  Oct 18, 2006

"Why I Want to be a Posthuman When I Grow Up"   Forthcoming in Medical Enhancement and Posthumanity, eds. Bert Gordijn and Ruth Chadwick  Oct 17, 2006

"Technological Revolutions: Ethics and Policy in the Dark"   preprint  Oct 16, 2006

"Nanoethics and Technological Revolutions: A Precis"  May 7, 2006

"Dinosaurs, dodos, humans?"   Global Agenda  Feb 28, 2006

"Recent Developments In The Ethics, Science, And Politics Of Life Extension"   in Death And Anti-Death, Volume 3  Feb 17, 2006

"The Future Of Human Evolution"   Death And Anti-Death, Volume 2  Feb 17, 2006

"Welcome to a world of exponential change"   Better Humans? The politics of human enhancement and life extension. Demos. London, UK. 2006. (Chapter 3)  Feb 9, 2006

"Letter from Utopia"  Dec 31, 2005

"Quantity of Experience: Brain-Duplication and Degrees of Consciousness"   Minds and Machines, forthcoming  Dec 25, 2005

"Is a Doomsday Catastrophe Likely?"   Nature 438, 754   Dec 8, 2005

"In Defense of Posthuman Dignity"   Bioethics  Sep 5, 2005

"A Proactive Response to the Tsunami Disaster"   BetterHumans  Jan 19, 2005

"The Fable of the Dragon-Tyrant"   Journal of Medical Ethics, 31(5): 273-277  Nov 9, 2004

"Human Genetic Enhancements: A Transhumanist Perspective"   Journal of Value Inquiry, Vol. 37, No. 4, pp. 493-506.  Dec 7, 2003

"Transhumanist Values"   Ethical Issues for the 21st Century, ed. Frederick Adams, Philosophical Documentation Center Press, 2003  Sep 11, 2003

"Astronomical Waste: The Opportunity Cost of Delayed Technological Development"   Utilitas Vol. 15, No. 3, pp. 308-314  Mar 17, 2003

"The Doomsday Argument Adam & Eve, UN++, and Quantum Joe"   Synthese  Jun 30, 2001

"How Long Before Superintelligence?"   Journal of Future Studies vol. 2  Jul 30, 1998

Recent Multimedia

The Simulation Hypothesis   2015-10-14

On Existential Risk and Individual Contribution to the “Good”   2015-06-30

Is the Universe a Giant Computer Simulation?   2015-05-11

What happens when our computers get smarter than we are?   2015-05-02

The intelligence explosion hypothesis   2014-02-09

The SuperIntelligence Control Problem - Oxford Winter Intelligence   2013-06-30

Transhumanist Dignity   2013-06-06

The end of humanity   2013-03-27

Extinction Level Event   2013-02-27

The Simulation Argument (Full)   2013-02-23


IEET Co-Founder Nick Bostrom sets out threats from future technologies at UN meeting (Oct 14, 2015)

IEET Fellows and Affiliate Scholars Receive AI Safety Grants (Aug 27, 2015)

Wendell Wallach and Nick Bostrom finalists for World Technology Award in Ethics (Sep 06, 2014)

Big Changes Afoot for the IEET in 2012 (Dec 16, 2011)

New JET article by Nicholas Agar (Nov 29, 2010)

List of “Top 100 Global Thinkers” includes two from IEET (Nov 30, 2009)

Nick and Aubrey featured in Time Magazine (Mar 15, 2009)

Global Spiral Publishes Ten Defenses of Transhumanism (Feb 06, 2009)

Bostrom and Savulescu Issue “Human Enhancement” Collection (Feb 05, 2009)

Update on Humanity+ Board Elections (Jan 16, 2009)

Bostrom, de Grey, Rushkoff answer Edge’s Big Question for 2009 (Jan 02, 2009)

Whole Brain Emulation Roadmap Now Available from FHI (Oct 29, 2008)

Nick and Milan on anthropic principle in new collection (Oct 14, 2008)

Bostrom appointed full professor at Oxford (Aug 06, 2008)

Some Pics from the Catastrophic Risk Conference at Oxford (Jul 29, 2008)

Bostrom and H+ profiled in CNN (Jul 16, 2008)

President’s Council on Bioethics Publishes Bostrom on Posthuman Dignity (Mar 16, 2008)

$25,000 “Matching Grant” Drive for WTA (Dec 16, 2007)

Thousands of Evo Art Portraits of Hughes and Bostrom (Dec 01, 2007)

Bostrom, Corwin in BBC4’s Visions of the Future (Oct 29, 2007)

Hughes, Bostrom Respond to Agar in Hastings Center Report (Oct 22, 2007)

Bostrom talk on X-Risk and AI transcribed (Sep 08, 2007)

IEET Fellows Interviewed for RU Sirius’ New Book (Feb 14, 2007)

Bostrom starts rationality/bias blog at FHI (Nov 23, 2006)

Hughes, Bostrom, de Grey & Campa in Italian documentary (Nov 21, 2006)

Pursuing the Longevity Dividend: Scientific Goals for an Aging World (Sep 12, 2006)

Transvision & Bostrom covered in Nature (Aug 24, 2006)

CNN interviews Nick Bostrom (Jul 24, 2006)

Meme Therapy interviews Nick Bostrom (Jun 16, 2006)

Video of Nick Bostrom on Cognitive Enhancement (Apr 13, 2006)

The EU’s ENHANCE Project (Mar 31, 2006)

Demos’s book on the politics of human enhancement (Feb 09, 2006)

Bostrom, Hughes and Prisco address Congress on Technology and Europe, Madrid, October 6, 2005 (Sep 29, 2005)

Bostrom to Head New James Martin 21st Century School (Jun 15, 2005)

Past Appearances

Wallach, Bostrom on “Technological Unemployment and the Future of Work” (Ottawa, Ontario, Canada - Jun 03, 2015)

4th Creative Industries and Emerging Technologies Fair & International Design Conferences (Lutfi Kurdar Convention & Exhibition Center - Feb 19, 2015)

Bostrom @ Age of Wonder (Baltan Laboratories, Eindhoven - Mar 28, 2014)

Goertzel @ Artificial General Intelligence (AGI-12) & Impacts and Risks of AGI (AGI-Impacts) (Oxford, UK - Dec 07, 2012)

Bostrom & Cascio @ Astana Economic Forum (Astana, Kazakhstan - May 22, 2012)

Bostrom, de Grey & Vita-More @ Humanity+ UK 2010 (London, UK - Apr 24, 2010)

Nick Bostrom on “The State of the Enhancement Debate” (Philadelphia, PA USA - Dec 02, 2009)

Bostrom @ Converging Tech and Philosophy (Enschede, The Netherlands - Jul 08, 2009)

Cognitive Enhancement Workshop and Symposium` (Oxford University, Oxford, UK - Jun 27, 2009)

Bostrom on Infinite Worlds (NYU, NYC, NY USA - Jun 13, 2009)

Bostrom, Warwick, BSG Cast on Battlestar Galactica: Cyborgs on the Horizon (92nd Street Y, NYC, NY USA - Jun 12, 2009)

Bostrom on “Transhumanism: A Critical Look” (Oxford University, Oxford, UK - May 18, 2009)

Bostrom on “Uncertainty, Lags, and Nonlinearity: Challenges to Governance in a Turbulent World” (Oxford University, Oxford, UK - May 07, 2009)

Nick on Enhancing the Brain ( - Oct 13, 2008)

Hughes, Bostrom, Treder, Cirkovic @ Global Catastrophic Risks Conference (Oxford University, Oxford, UK - Jul 17, 2008)


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