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spud100 on 'What, Me Worry? - I Don’t Share Most Concerns About Artificial Intelligence' (May 26, 2015)

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Enframing the Flesh: Heidegger, Transhumanism, and the Body as “Standing Reserve”

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Intelligent Technologies and Lost Life

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IEET > Fellows > David Brin

David Brin

David Brin, a scientist and best-selling author whose future-oriented novels include Earth, The Postman, and Hugo Award winners Startide Rising and The Uplift War, is a 2010 Fellow of the IEET. Brin is known as a leading commentator on modern technological, social, and political trends. His nonfiction book The Transparent Society won the Freedom of Speech Award from the American Library Association. Brin’s most recent novel, Kiln People, explores a fictional near future when people use cheap copies of themselves to be in two places at once. The Life Eaters—a graphic novel—explores a chilling alternative outcome of World War II. David’s newest novel - Existence - is now available, published by Tor Books.

Home Page | CV | Twitter


The Transhumanist Reader: Classical and Contemporary Essays by eds. Max More and Natasha Vita-More (2013)

Existence by David Brin (2012)


"A look back at our origins"   Contrary Brin  May 18, 2015

"Germ-Line (inheritable) human “improvement” via genetic engineering? The “Heinlein Solut"   Contrary Brin  Apr 22, 2015

"Orwell and Writing"   Contrary Brin  Apr 2, 2015

"Geoengineering and Climate Change"   Contrary Brin  Mar 16, 2015

"Armed with Cameras…"   Contrary Brin  Mar 15, 2015

"Memory and the Forgiving Internet?"   Contrary Brin  Mar 12, 2015

"Deregulating GPS…and the Internet"   Contrary Brin  Mar 7, 2015

"Privacy will not go away—but it will evolve"  Feb 16, 2015

"Fairness on the Public Airwaves"   Contrary Brin  Jan 29, 2015

"Short steps to the Singularity?"   CONTRARY BRIN  Jan 4, 2015

"It Is The Dawning Of The Age of…"  Dec 28, 2014

"Rejection of Tomorrow"   Ethical Technology  Oct 16, 2014

"Science Fiction and our Dreams of the Future"  Oct 12, 2014

"Sci Fi Flicks! Some looks back and forward"   Contrary Brin  Oct 6, 2014

"Will we uplift other species to sapience?"  Sep 25, 2014

"Peering into the Future: AI and Robot brains"   Contrary Brin  Sep 22, 2014

"Snowden, Sousveillance and Social T Cells"  Sep 4, 2014

"Citizen Power - Part II: Those Cop-Cameras…"  Aug 30, 2014

"Citizen Power - Part I: using our cell cameras for safety and freedom"   Contrary Brin  Aug 25, 2014

"Ways to make civilization robust"   Contrary Brin  Aug 13, 2014

"The True Origins of the American Revolution"  Aug 4, 2014

"Everything leaks - get used to it. Use it. Also: is Skynet coming?"   Ethical Technology  Jul 13, 2014

"May I bring up climate change?"   Contrary Brin  Jul 4, 2014

"Yes, Polarization Is Asymmetric—it’s not about physics… but politics"   Contrary Brin  Jul 2, 2014

"Brave Citizenship beats a Scorched Earth Policy"   Contrary Brin  May 30, 2014

"Noah, the Tower of Babel…and Science"   Contrary Brin  May 22, 2014

"Does the ACLU (at last) understand sousveillance?"  Apr 25, 2014

"How to regain trust in the NSA era: The IGUS Gambit"  Apr 18, 2014

"Is World War IV taking shape?"  Mar 28, 2014

"Innovations to help us conquer space"   Contrary Brin  Feb 17, 2014

"Does Inequality Matter?"  Feb 2, 2014

"What If the 21st Century Begins in 2014?"  Jan 23, 2014

"“Neo-Reactionaries” drop all pretense: End democracy and bring back lords!"   CONTRARY BRIN  Nov 30, 2013

"Looking to the Future: An Interview"   CONTRARY BRIN  Nov 1, 2013

"DIY Biology or Our Biohacker Future"   CONTRARY BRIN  Oct 20, 2013

"Pondering Pax Americana and the government ‘shut-down’"   Contrary Brin  Oct 2, 2013

"A Transparency Tsunami!"   Ethical Technology  Sep 27, 2013

"Bringing back feudalism—is libertarianism an unwitting tool?"   Ethical Technology  Sep 16, 2013

"Ocean Geo-Engineering, Whale Poo, SeaLand and Rising IQ"   Ethical Technology  Aug 20, 2013

"Reasons for Optimism and Concern: Can Technology Save the World?"   Ethical Technology  Aug 15, 2013

"Ocean Fertilization, Geoengineering, and the Politics of Science"   Ethical Technology  Jul 15, 2013

"The Science of Climate and Geo-engineering… and more"   Ethical Technology  Jun 28, 2013

"Calling all flash mobs! Defend the planet from noisy fools!"   Ethical Technology  Jun 16, 2013

"Science Fiction: A lament - then Optimism and the Next Generation"   Ethical Technology  Jun 10, 2013

"Is the world improving… despite our grouchy dogmas?"   CONTRARY BRIN   Jun 1, 2013

"“Consensus” science? And more science potpourri"   CONTRARY BRIN  May 28, 2013

"Mixed News from Space"   CONTRARY BRIN  May 18, 2013

"Dilbert, Skynet and the latest from the transparency front"   Ethical Technology  May 7, 2013

"Science - Technology Roundup"   Ethical Technology  May 4, 2013

"Sensible Tax Reform, Wealth disparities.. and Gun Control"   Ethical Technology  Apr 30, 2013

"A potpourri of ironies for the weekend"   Ethical Technology  Apr 27, 2013

"Science-Fictional News—some dark and some hopeful"   Ethical Technology  Apr 25, 2013

"See-it, believe-it proof… plus smart mobs and cool science"   Ethical Technology  Apr 20, 2013

"Questions I am frequently asked about… (Part V) Transparency, Privacy and the Information Age"   Ethical Technology  Apr 10, 2013

"Hugo Awards and other Science-Fictional News"   CONTRARY BRIN  Apr 6, 2013

"Technologies that might change everything"   Ethical Technology  Mar 30, 2013

"Questions I am frequently asked about… (Part IV) Prediction and the Future"   Contrary Brin  Mar 22, 2013

"Corn, Ethanol, Farms, Food and the Logic of the Granary"   Ethical Technology  Mar 17, 2013

"Questions I am frequently asked about… (Part III) Brin Books, The Postman etc."   Ethical Technology  Mar 11, 2013

"Questions I’m often asked. Part II: About Science Fiction!"   Ethical Technology  Mar 7, 2013

"“Primer” Technologies For Enhancing 21st Century Citizenship"   Ethical Technology  Mar 2, 2013

"Exciting possibilities in (and about) space!"   Ethical Technology  Feb 20, 2013

"Things only a zillionaire could do to save America"  Feb 19, 2013

"From Glass-shattering Asteroids to Transparency…"   Ethical Technology  Feb 17, 2013

"Questions I am frequently asked about… Writing and Science Fiction"  Feb 16, 2013

"The end of ID and credit card safety? Must e-commerce be destroyed?"   Ethical Technology  Feb 13, 2013

"Past keeping faith with future… and day with night"  Feb 8, 2013

"Science Fiction and Our Duty to the Past"  Feb 4, 2013

"The Flynn Effect: are we getting smarter?"   davidbrin.blogspot  Feb 3, 2013

"Hidden factors in the rush to immigration reform"   davidbrin.blogspot  Feb 3, 2013

"The Jefferson Rifle"   Contrary Brin  Jan 28, 2013

"Last-minute breakthroughs and remembrances, before the “end of the world”"   Ethical Technology  Dec 15, 2012

"Reconsidering Copyright"   Ethical Technology  Dec 12, 2012

"Science—nostalgia and foresight"   Ethical Technology  Dec 7, 2012

"Live-Blogging the Morning of Day Two of Humanity+ San Francisco"   Ethical Technology  Dec 2, 2012

"Live-Blogging Morning of Day One of Humanity+ San Francisco"   Ethical Technology  Dec 1, 2012

"Is Law Enforcement Going Dark? Dilbert’s Dilemma and Transparency Crises"   Ethical Technology  Nov 26, 2012

"Existence, Uplift, and Science News"   Sentient Developments  Oct 28, 2012

"A Conversation About Political Maturity: Is it Possible?"   Contrary Brin  Oct 26, 2012

"Has 21st Century Science Fiction Gone Cowardly? Or Worse… Nostalgic?"   Contrary Brin  Oct 24, 2012

"The “Tytler” Insult—Is Democracy Hopeless?"   Contrary Brin  Oct 17, 2012

"Unusual Topics To Raise at the USA Presidential Debate"   Contrary Brin  Oct 10, 2012

"Banned Books Week - Censorship, Indignation, and our Hopes for Freedom"   Contrary Brin  Oct 6, 2012

"Crowd-Sourcing “Citizen Science,” New Products and Ideas"   Contrary Brin  Sep 30, 2012

"Intelligence, Uplift, and Our Place in a Big Cosmos"   Contrary Brin  Sep 26, 2012

"Will the World’s Middle Class Rise Up to Reclaim $21 Trillion Hoard Hidden Offshore by Global Elite?"   Contrary Brin  Sep 4, 2012

"Are Animals Intelligent… Enough?  Do They Want to be… Smarter?"   Contrary Brin  Aug 30, 2012

"Human Evolution: Speeding? Splitting? Borging?... and a dozen Olympics?"   Contrary Brin  Aug 8, 2012

"Renaming Killers—the Idea Spreads"   Contrary Brin  Jul 27, 2012

"The First Synthetic Organism: Our Victor Frankenstein Moment?"   Contrary Brin  Jul 24, 2012

"Deny Killers the Notoriety They Seek"   Contrary Brin  Jul 23, 2012

"Bulletins from the Transparency Front"   Contrary Brin  Jul 21, 2012

"Accelerating Dangers and Opportunities from Transparency"   Contrary Brin  Jul 20, 2012

"Do Sci Fi Attitudes Reflect Our Times?"   Contrary Brin  Jul 8, 2012

"On the Transparency Front: Secrecy, Drones and War"   Contrary Brin  Jul 7, 2012

"Your e-Reading Habits are “Public”- Kindles, iPads and Nooks are Tracking You"   Contrary Brin  Jul 6, 2012

"Winners of the “Why Are We Alone?” Contest"   Contrary Brin  Jun 23, 2012

"NASA Receives Two New Huge Telescopes for Orbital Use"   Contrary Brin  Jun 8, 2012

"Brain Preservation: Is Your Brain Worth the Bother?"   Contrary Brin  May 17, 2012

"Is Our Time in Outer Space Finally At-Hand?"   Contrary Brin  May 9, 2012

Upcoming Appearances

Brin @ Augmented World (Santa Clara, CA USA - Jun 08, 2015)

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“Existence” | Talks at Google   2014-04-23

Fiction Writers Panel - Envisioning the Starship Era   2014-03-12

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Brin, Gerrold, Castelluci, Dean - Panel: A Quiet Place to Write   2013-03-14

Vernor Vinge, David Brin, Phil Osborn, Mitch Wagner - Panel on The Technological Singularity   2013-03-13

Bionic Bodies   2013-02-04

David Brin Reads from Existence: Chapter Three   2013-01-26

“So you want to make gods. Now why would that bother anybody?”   2013-01-16


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Uncertainty About Alien Threats (May 26, 2010)

David Brin Appointed as Fellow of the IEET (Feb 03, 2010)

Past Appearances

Brin @ In the Year 2525: Big Science, Big History, and the Far Future of Humanity (Pasadena, CA USA - Feb 18, 2015)

Brin @ AAAS Annual Meeting (San Jose, CA USA - Feb 12, 2015)

Brin @ NASA NIAC Meeting (Orlando, FL USA - Jan 27, 2015)

Brin on SETI @ AAPT (San Diego, CA USA - Jan 04, 2015)

Brin @ San Diego (San Diego, CA USA - Nov 12, 2014)

Brin @ University of Kansas (University of Kansas, Lawrence, KS USA - Oct 13, 2014)

Brin @ New York Comic-con (NY, NY USA - Oct 11, 2014)

Brin on the future of technological change. (NY, NY USA - Oct 10, 2014)

Brin @ TERADYNE Corp. biannual internal technical conference. (San Diego, CA USA - Oct 07, 2014)

Brin, Baum, Pellissier @ Global Existential Risks and Radical Futures (Piedmont, CA USA - Jun 14, 2014)

Kuscewski, de Grey, Goertzel, Brin, Pearce, Cascio, Hughes, Glenn, Vita-More, Naam @ H+ SanFran 2012 (San Francisco State University, San Francisco, CA USA - Dec 01, 2012)

Singularity Summit 11 (New York, US - Oct 15, 2011)


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