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Can we build AI without losing control over it?

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Enframing the Flesh: Heidegger, Transhumanism, and the Body as “Standing Reserve”

Moral Enhancement and Political Realism

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IEET > Affiliate Scholar > John Danaher

John Danaher

John Danaher holds a PhD from University College Cork (Ireland) and is currently a lecturer in law at NUI Galway (Ireland). His research interests are eclectic, ranging broadly from philosophy of religion to legal theory, with particular interests in human enhancement and neuroethics. John blogs at You can follow him on twitter @JohnDanaher.

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Philosophical Disquisitions

Episode #13: Laura Cabrera on Human Enhancement, Communication and Values

Why Non-Natural Moral Realism is Better than Divine Command Theory

Pornography and Subordination: The Contextual View

How do we Enhance Cognition through External Representations? Five Ways

Episode #12 - Rick Searle on the Dark Side of Transhumanism


"Why Non-Natural Moral Realism is Better than Divine Command Theory"   Philosophical Disquisitions  Oct 23, 2016

"How do we Enhance Cognition through External Representations? Five Ways"   Philosophical Disquisitions   Oct 13, 2016

"Pushing Humans off the Loop: Automation and the Unsustainability Problem"   Philosophical Disquisitions  Sep 29, 2016

"Is Robust Moral Realism a kind of Religious Belief?"   Philosophical Disquisitions  Sep 27, 2016

"Competitive Cognitive Artifacts and the Demise of Humanity: A Philosophical Analysis"   Philosophical Disquisitions  Sep 24, 2016

"Will human enhancement cause problems for interpersonal communication?"   Philosophical Disquisitions  Sep 22, 2016

"Computers and Law Special Edition on Algorithmic Governance"   Philosophical Disquisitions  Sep 21, 2016

"Who knows best? Personal Happiness and the Search for a Good Life"   Philosophical Disquisitions  Sep 6, 2016

"Phenomenological Coupling, Augmented Reality and the Extended Mind"   Philosophical Disquisitions   Sep 4, 2016

"Piketty on Free Higher Education and the Value of Meritocracy"   Philosophical Disquisitions  Aug 11, 2016

"Is Death the Sculptor of Life or an Evil to be Vanquished?"   Philosophical Disquisitions   Aug 9, 2016

"Moral Enhancement and Moral Freedom: A Critical Analysis"   Philosophical Disquisitions  Jul 26, 2016

"Reverse Turing Tests: Are Humans Becoming More Machine-Like?"   Philosophical Disquisitions   Jul 21, 2016

"Moral Uncertainty and Moral Enhancement"   Philosophical Disquisitions   Jul 19, 2016

"The Machine Made me Do It: Human responsibility in an era of machine-mediated agency"   Philosophical Disquisitions  Jul 6, 2016

"Getting Better: From Naive to Deliberate Practice"   Philosophical Disquisitions   Jul 3, 2016

"The Ethics of Algorithmic Outsourcing: An Analysis"   Philosophical Disquisitions   Jul 1, 2016

"Does Self-Tracking Promote Autonomy? An Initial Argument"   Philosophical Disquisitions  Jun 15, 2016

"Is Effective Altruism Fair to Small Donors? (Guest Post by Iason Gabriel)"   Philosophical Disquisitions  Jun 7, 2016

"Is Effective Altruism actually Effective?"   Philosophical Disquisitions  Jun 6, 2016

"Is Effective Altruism Methodologically Biased?"   Philosophical Disquisitions  Jun 5, 2016

"The Ethics of Intimate Surveillance (2): A Landscape of Objections"   Philosophical Disquisitions  May 1, 2016

"The Ethics of Intimate Surveillance (1)"   Philosophical Disquisitions  Apr 27, 2016

"What’s happening inside the black box? Three forms of algorithmic opacity"   Philosophical Disquisitions  Apr 26, 2016

"Blockchains and the Emergence of a Lex Cryptographia"   Philosophical Disquisitions   Apr 11, 2016

"The Evolution of Social Values: From Foragers to Farmers to Fossil Fuels"   Philosophical Disquisitions   Apr 1, 2016

"Blockchains and DAOs as the Modern Leviathan"   Philosophical Disquisitions   Mar 31, 2016

"Are we heading towards a singularity of crime?"   Philosophical Disquisitions   Mar 30, 2016

"New Technologies as Social Experiments: An Ethical Framework"   Philosophical Disquisitions   Mar 19, 2016

"Body-based Trades and the Ethics of Divided Labour"   Philosophical Disquisitions  Mar 18, 2016

"Understanding Exploitation: Unfair advantage and the lack of consent"   Philosophical Disquisitions  Mar 13, 2016

"Technological Growth, Inequality and Property Price Increases: An Explanation?"   Philosophical Disquisitions  Mar 4, 2016

"Symbols and their Consequences in the Sex Robot Debate"   Philosophical Disquisitions  Feb 21, 2016

"Justice-Related Objections to Effective Altruism"   Philosophical Disquisitions  Feb 16, 2016

"The Value of Deep Work and How to Prioritise It"   Philosophical Disquisitions  Feb 5, 2016

"Reality Transducer or Omniscience Engine? Five Metaphors for the Internet of Things"   Philosophical Disquisitions  Jan 30, 2016

"The Goods of Work (other than Money) in a Postwork Future"   Philosophical Disquisitions  Jan 24, 2016

"Is Resistance Futile? Are we already Borg?"   Philosophical Disquisitions  Jan 22, 2016

"Should we stop killer robots? (2) - The Right Reason Objection"   Philosophical Disquisitions  Jan 18, 2016

"Effective Altruism: A Taxonomy of Objections"   Philosophical Disquisitions  Jan 17, 2016

"Stoicism, Psychological Suffering and Disengagement"   Philosophical Disquisitions  Jan 12, 2016

"Is there Trouble with Algorithmic Decision-making? Fairness and Efficiency-based Objections"   Philosophical Disquisitions   Jan 4, 2016

"The Philosophy of Games and the Postwork Utopia"   Philosophical Disquisitions   Jan 1, 2016

"#4: Does Work Undermine our Freedom?"   Philosophical Disquisitions  Dec 28, 2015

"#10: The Democratic Trilemma: Is Democracy Possible?"   Philosophical Disquisitions  Dec 22, 2015

"Understanding Nihilism: What if nothing matters?"   Philosophical Disquisitions   Dec 20, 2015

"Will technological unemployment lead to human disenhancement?"   Philosophical Disquisitions   Nov 28, 2015

"Theory and Application of the Extended Mind (Series Index)"   Philosophical Disquisitions   Nov 26, 2015

"Is Anyone Competent to Regulate Artificial Intelligence?"   Philosophical Disquisitions  Nov 21, 2015

"Blockchain Technology, Smart Contracts and Smart Property"   Philosophical Disquisitions   Nov 17, 2015

"The Campaign Against Sex Robots: A Critical Analysis"   Philosophical Disquisitions   Nov 16, 2015

"Understanding the Threat of Algocracy"   Philosophical Disquisitions   Nov 11, 2015

"Demanding a Post-Work World: Technological Unemployment and the Human Future"   Philosophical Disquisitions  Nov 3, 2015

"The Ethics of Commercial Surrogacy: Gender Inequality Arguments"   Philosophical Disquisitions  Oct 31, 2015

"The Ethics of Commercial Surrogacy: Three Standard Objections"   Philosophical Disquisitions  Oct 24, 2015

"Does Money Poison Everything? Sandel and the Corruption Effect"   Philosophical Disquisitions  Oct 21, 2015

"Is Transnational Surrogacy Exploitative? (1) Kirby’s Argument"   Philosophical Disquisitions  Oct 15, 2015

"Polanyi’s Paradox: Will Humans Maintain Any Advantage Over Machines?"   Philosophical Disquisitions  Oct 12, 2015

"Automation and Income Inequality: Understanding the Polarisation Effect"   Philosophical Disquisitions  Oct 10, 2015

"Technological Unemployment and the Value of Work (Series Index)"   Philosophical Disquisitions  Sep 27, 2015

"Sexual Assault, Consent Apps and Technological Solutionism"   Philosophical Disquisitions  Sep 15, 2015

"Why haven’t Robots taken our Jobs? The Complementarity Effect"   Philosophical Disquisitions  Sep 9, 2015

"Beginning to Exist and the Kalam Cosmological Argument"   Philosophical Disquisitions  Sep 1, 2015

"The Argument from Abandonment and Suffering ( A Specific Version of the Problem of Evil)"   Philosophical Disquisitions  Aug 26, 2015

"Is God the Source of Meaning in Life? Four Critical Arguments"   Philosophical Disquisitions  Aug 24, 2015

"The Philosophical Importance of Algorithms"   Philosophical Disquisitions  Aug 9, 2015

"Did My Brain Make Me Do It? Neuroscience and Free Will (Part 2)"   Philosophical Disquisitions  Aug 8, 2015

"Does God Guarantee Meaning in Life? A Novel Argument for Atheism"   Philosophical Disquisitions  Aug 8, 2015

"Did My Brain Make Me Do It? Neuroscience and Free Will (Part 1)"   Philosophical Disquisitions  Aug 4, 2015

"The Case for a Marriage-Free State"   Philosophical Disquisitions  Jul 12, 2015

"Is Effective Regulation of AI Possible? Eight Potential Regulatory Problems"   Philosophical Disquisitions  Jul 7, 2015

"Humanism, Transhumanism, and Speculative Posthumanism"   Philosophical Disquisitions  Jul 6, 2015

"Technological Unemployment and Personal Well-being: Does Work Make Us Happy?"   Philosophical Disquisitions  Jul 1, 2015

"The Logic of Surveillance Capitalism"   Philosophical Disquisitions  Jun 25, 2015

"How Might Algorithms Rule our Lives? Mapping the Logical Space of Algocracy"   Philosophical Disquisitions  Jun 16, 2015

"Voluntary Intoxication and Responsibility"   PhilosophicalDisquisitions  Jun 14, 2015

"Intoxicated Consent to Sexual Relations: A Map of Moral Claims"   Philosophical Disquisitions  Jun 9, 2015

"The Automation Loop and its Negative Consequences"   Philosophical Disquisitions  Jun 5, 2015

"Is Automation Making us Stupid? The Degeneration Argument Against Automation"   Philosophical Disquisitions  Jun 2, 2015

"A Framework for Understanding our Ethical Relationships with Intelligent Technology"   Philosophical Disquisitions  Jun 2, 2015

"Are AI-Doomsayers like Skeptical Theists? A Precis of the Argument"   Philosophical Disquisitions  May 13, 2015

"The Ethics of Robot Sex: Interview on Robot Overlordz Podcast"   Philosophical Disquisitions  Apr 23, 2015

"The Epistemic Costs of Superintelligence: Bostrom’s Treacherous Turn and Sceptical Theism"   Minds and Machines  Apr 21, 2015

"Bitcoin and the Ontology of Money"   Philosophical Disquisitions  Apr 7, 2015

"Psychopaths and Moral Blame: Empirical and Philosophical Issues"   Philosophical Disquisitions  Apr 4, 2015

"God, Immortality and the Futility of Life"   Philosophical Disquisitions  Mar 23, 2015

"Should prospective parents have to apply for licences? An Ethical Debate"   Philosophical Disquisitions  Mar 17, 2015

"Three Practical Hurdles to a Universal Basic Income"   Philosophical Disquisitions  Mar 15, 2015

"Human Life and the Quest for Immortality"   Philosophical Disquisitions  Mar 1, 2015

"How I Write for Peer Review"   Philosophical Disquisitions  Feb 25, 2015

"Two Interpretations of the Extended Mind Hypothesis"   Philosophical Disquisitions   Feb 23, 2015

"The Logical Space of Democracy: A Map"   Philosophical Disquisitions  Feb 17, 2015

"The Democratic Trilemma: Is Democracy Possible?"   Philosophical Disquisitions  Feb 5, 2015

"Pettit on the Infrastructure of Democracy"   Philosophical Disquisitions  Feb 4, 2015

"Does Work Undermine our Freedom?"   Philosophical Disquisitions  Feb 1, 2015

"Neuroenhancement and the Extended Mind Hypothesis"   Philosophical Disquisitions  Jan 18, 2015

"#1 Editor’s Choice Award: Rule by Algorithm? Big Data and the Threat of Algocracy"   Philosophical Disquisitions  Jan 15, 2015

"Longer Lives and the Alleged Tedium of Immortality"   Philosophical Disquisitions  Jan 11, 2015

"Enhancement and authenticity: Is it all about being true to our selves?"   Philosophical Disquisitions  Jan 9, 2015

"More On Free Will: Pereboom’s Four Case Argument against Compatiblism"   Philosophical Disquisitions  Jan 4, 2015

"The Disappearing Agent Objection to Free Will Libertarianism"   Philosophical Disquisitions  Jan 2, 2015

"The Free Will Debate: Sourcehood or Alternative Possibilities?"   Philosophical Disquisitions  Jan 1, 2015

"Stopping the innocent from pleading guilty: Can brain-based recognition detection tests help?"   Philosophical Disquisitions  Dec 22, 2014

"Meaning, Value and the Collective Afterlife: Must others survive for our lives to have meaning?"   Philosophical Disquisitions  Dec 17, 2014

"Should we criminalise robotic rape and robotic child sexual abuse?"   Philosophical Disquisitions  Dec 16, 2014

"Brain-based Lie Detection and the Mereological Fallacy"   Philosophical Disquisitions  Dec 7, 2014

"Are we Innate Retributivists? Review of the Psychological Evidence"   Philosophical Disquisitions  Dec 6, 2014

"The Epistemological Objection to Divine Command Theory"   Philosophical Disquisitions  Nov 26, 2014

"The Legal Challenges of Robotics (2): Are robots exceptional?"   Philosophical Disquisitions  Nov 25, 2014

"Is there a defensible atheistic account of moral values?"   Philosophical Disquisitions  Nov 10, 2014

"The Legal Challenges of Robotics (1)"   Philosophical Disquisitions  Nov 6, 2014

"The Singularity - Overview and Framework"   Philosophical Disquisitions  Nov 2, 2014

"The Philosophy of Intelligence Explosions and Advanced Robotics (Series Index)"   Philosophical Disquisitions  Nov 2, 2014

"Procedural Due Process and the Dangers of Predictive Analytics"   Philosophical Disquisitions  Oct 25, 2014

"Algocracy and other Problems with Big Data (Series Index)"   Ethical Technology  Oct 18, 2014

"Finitism and the Beginning of the Universe"   Philosophical Disquisitions  Oct 15, 2014

"Sousveillance and Surveillance: What kind of future do we want?"   Philosophical Disquisitions  Oct 6, 2014

"Should we abolish work?"   Philosophical Disquisitions  Oct 3, 2014

"Dawkins and the “We are going to die” -Argument"   Philosophical Disquisitions  Sep 25, 2014

"Can blogging be academically valuable? 7 reasons for thinking it might be"   Philosophical Disquisitions  Sep 22, 2014

"Chalmers vs Pigliucci on the Philosophy of Mind-Uploading (2): Pigliucci’s Pessimism"   Philosophical Disquisitions  Sep 20, 2014

"Chalmers vs Pigliucci on the Philosophy of Mind-Uploading (1): Chalmers’s Optimism"   Philosophical Disquisitions  Sep 17, 2014

"Are hierarchical theories of freedom and responsibility plausible?"   Philosophical Disquisitions  Sep 15, 2014

"Steven Pinker’s Guide to Classic Style"   Philosophical Disquisitions  Sep 11, 2014

"Do Cognitive Enhancing Drugs Actually Work?"   Philosophical Disquisitions  Sep 5, 2014

"Why the Price of Theism is Normative Skepticism"   Ethical Technology  Sep 2, 2014

"Karlsen on God and the Benefits of Existence"   Philosophical Disquisitions  Aug 26, 2014

"Are we morally obliged to eat some meat? (Part 1 and 2)"   Philosophical Disquisitions  Aug 23, 2014

"Bostrom on Superintelligence (6): Motivation Selection Methods"   Philosophical Disquisitions  Aug 21, 2014

"Are we heading for technological unemployment? An Argument"   Philosophical Disquisitions  Aug 14, 2014

"An Ethical Framework for the Use of Enhancement Drugs"   Philosophical Disquisitions  Aug 12, 2014

"Bostrom on Superintelligence (5): Limiting an AI’s Capabilities"   Philosophical Disquisitions  Aug 10, 2014

"Bostrom on Superintelligence (4): Malignant Failure Modes"   Philosophical Disquisitions  Aug 3, 2014

"Bostrom on Superintelligence (3): Doom and the Treacherous Turn"   Philosophical Disquisitions  Jul 31, 2014

"Bostrom on Superintelligence (2): The Instrumental Convergence Thesis"   Philosophical Disquisitions  Jul 30, 2014

"Bostrom on Superintelligence (1): The Orthogonality Thesis"   Philosophical Disquisitions   Jul 30, 2014

"Should we have a right not to work?"   Philosophical Disquisitions   Jul 20, 2014

"Feminism and the Basic Income (Part Two)"   Ethical Technology  Jul 19, 2014

"Feminism and the Basic Income (Part One)"   Philosophical Disquisitions  Jul 17, 2014

"Widerquist on Freedom and the Basic Income"   Ethical Technology  Jul 16, 2014

"Parasitic Surfers and the Unconditional Basic Income: A Debate"   Philosophical Disquisitions  Jul 14, 2014

"Radcliffe-Richards on Sexual Inequality and Justice (Part Two)"   Philosophical Disquisitions  Jul 11, 2014

"Radcliffe-Richards on Sexual Inequality and Justice (Part One)"   Philosophical Disquisitions  Jul 9, 2014

"The Ethics of Benign Carnivorism (Part Two)"   Philosophical Disquisitions  Jun 20, 2014

"The Ethics of Benign Carnivorism"   Philosophical Disquisitions  Jun 12, 2014

"Is Modern Technology Creating a Borg-like Society?"   Philosophical Disquisitions  Jun 9, 2014

"Is a Longer Life a Happier Life? Stoicism and Happiness"   Philosophical Disquisitions  May 22, 2014

"The Ethics of Suicide: A Framework"   Philosophical Disquisitions  May 17, 2014

"Is Transhumanism Compatible with Anarchism?"   Philosophical Disquisitions  May 4, 2014

"The Image World and the Ethics of Virtual Acts"   Philosophical Disquisitions  May 1, 2014

Recent Multimedia

David Gunkel on Robots and Cyborgs   2016-08-31

Rachel O’Dwyer on Bitcoin, Blockchains and the Digital Commons   2016-08-25

Karen Levy on the Rise of Intimate Surveillance   2016-08-10

Brett Frischmann on Reverse Turing Tests and Machine-like Humans   2016-07-22

Danaher Interview on Robot Overlordz Podcast about Algocracy   2016-07-21

Algocracy and Transhumanism Podcast: Deborah Lupton on the Quantified Self   2016-07-01

Algocracy and Transhuamnism Podcast: Hannah Maslen on the Ethics of Neurointerventions   2016-06-30

Evan Selinger on Algorithmic Outsourcing and the Value of Privacy   2016-06-14

Algocracy: Opportunities and Risks (videocast with Adam Ford)   2016-06-06

The Algocracy and Transhumanism Podcast: Episode 3   2016-05-18


IEET Fellows Kevin LaGrandeur and John Danaher interviewed on Future of Work (Oct 15, 2016)

IEET Affiliate Scholar John Danaher Publishes New Paper on Moral Enhancement (Aug 14, 2016)

IEET Affiliate Scholar John Danaher Publishes New Paper in Journal: Bioethics (Jun 05, 2016)

IEET Affiliate Scholar John Danaher Publishes New Paper - Robots, Law and the Retribution Gap (Jun 04, 2016)

Vacancy - Research Assistant on the Algocracy and Transhumanism Project (Jun 03, 2016)

Danaher published in the journal “Science and Engineering Ethics” (Mar 22, 2016)

Danaher Awarded by Irish Research Council (Mar 22, 2016)

Danaher Publishes The Threat of Algocracy: Reality, Resistance and Accommodation (Jan 21, 2016)

John Danaher is Top 2015 IEET Writer; Technoprogressivism is Top SubCategory (Dec 01, 2015)

Danaher Publishes Human Enhancement, Social Solidarity and the Distribution of Responsibility (Jul 18, 2015)

Special Issue of JET: Hughes, Walker, Campa & Danaher on Tech Unemployment and BIG (Mar 07, 2014)

Past Appearances

Danaher @ Clinical Neuroethics: Bench to Bedside (Paris, France - Jun 17, 2015)

Danaher @ Neuroethics on Trial (Dissection Room, Summerhall, Edinburgh, Scotland, UK - Apr 10, 2015)


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