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instamatic on 'Armed with Cameras...' (Mar 28, 2015)

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Peter Wicks on 'Armed with Cameras...' (Mar 27, 2015)

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IEET > Affiliate Scholar > Richard Eskow

Richard Eskow

Richard Eskow, an Affiliate Scholar of the IEET and Senior Fellow with the Campaign for America’s Future, is CEO of Health Knowledge Systems (HKS) in Los Angeles, which provides services to the healthcare and workers’ compensation industries. Through Eskow and Associates, Richard is also a consultant specializing in healthcare and insurance, IT, strategic planning, and communications. Most clients are in the IT and health-related industries, although Richard has also worked with NGO’s, state and national governments, and in the entertainment industry.

Richard had senior executive positions at several Forture 500 firms and was CEO of two medical management companies before forming HKS. He also served as a senior consultant to the World Bank, the U.S. State Dept/USAID, and government and private entities in over 20 foreign countries. Areas of expertise included health policy, healthcare investment, operations, marketing, and strategic planning.

Home Page | CV | Twitter


Richard Eskow on Huffington Post

Hillary's Challengers -- and the Anti-Wall Street Wave

Social Security Reversal in Maryland Senate Race: Six Key Lessons for Democrats

A 'Moral Document': GOP Again Targets Social Security, Medicare

How Corporations Run Congress: A Talk With Ryan Grim

Free the Corinthian 15 -- And 41 Million Other Student Debtors


"Will Social Security Decide Maryland’s Senate Race?"   Campaign for America's Future  Mar 11, 2015

"Real-Life Frank Underwoods: Netflix, ‘House of Cards’ and Third Way"   ourfuture.org  Mar 3, 2015

"A New Rule, and a Brave Official, Gain Allies Against Wall Street"   ourfuture.org  Mar 1, 2015

"“His Own Man’s” Man: Jeb Bush and the Return of Wolfowitz"   Campaign for America's Future  Feb 23, 2015

"Three Signs That Young Americans Are Getting a Raw Deal"   ourfuture.org  Feb 19, 2015

"New Front In #RepublicanClassWar: Social Security for the Disabled"   Campaign for America's Future  Feb 12, 2015

"More Evidence ‘Centrist’ Solutions Can’t Save Us"   ourfuture.org  Feb 9, 2015

"13 Questions: About Greece, Europe, Austerity – and Us"   Campaign For America's Future  Feb 5, 2015

"Anti-Koch: The Fight For Green Energy is a Fight for the 99 Percent"   Campaign For America's Future  Jan 30, 2015

"Yes, Obama “Won Twice” – as a Progressive. Deal With It, Everybody."   Campaign for America's Future  Jan 22, 2015

"Today’s Visionary: A Guide to MLK’s 21st Century Insights"   Campaign for America's Future  Jan 19, 2015

"Populism Rises – And The ‘Center’ Strikes Back"   Campaign For America's Future  Jan 12, 2015

"Time To Get Real On Jobs, Wages And Growth"   crooksandliars.com  Jan 9, 2015

"Wall Street Had a Merry Christmas. The New Year’s Still Up For Grabs."   Campaign For America's Future  Dec 26, 2014

"The Unseen Heart of the Violence: Eric Garner at the Terminal Point"   Campaign For America's Future  Dec 7, 2014

"A Democratic Party in Search of its Soul"   Campaign for America's Future  Dec 3, 2014

"Corporations Act To Make US Congress A Wholly Owned Subsidiary"   Campaign For America's Future  Oct 31, 2014

"7 Signs That the American Dream is Dying"   Campaign for America's Future  Oct 29, 2014

"5 Reasons Why Democrats Should Push Social Security Expansion – Now"   Campaign For America's Future  Oct 23, 2014

"Study Shows Big Government Makes People Happy, ‘Free Markets’ Don’t"   Campaign For America's Future  Oct 17, 2014

"Populism: A Light Against Republican Darkness"   Campaign For America's Future  Oct 14, 2014

"Bill de Blasio: From Education to Poverty, Leadership by Example"   Campaign For America's Future  Oct 9, 2014

"100 Zephyrs: Why The Left Must Challenge Corporate Democrats"   Campaign for America's Future   Sep 23, 2014

"“Think Locally, Act Globally”: 6 Takeaways From The Scotland Vote"   Campaign for America's Future   Sep 22, 2014

"5 Reasons The SEC’s Executive-Pay Rules Matter – And 5 Ways to Use Them"   Campaign for America's Future  Sep 12, 2014

"Obamacare’s “Secret Trick” Could Cure CEO Pay Excesses"   Campaign For America's Future  Aug 28, 2014

"Robots Are People, Too"     Aug 24, 2014

"One Nation Under Siege: “Counterinsurgency Cops” in Ferguson – and on TV"   Campaign For America's Future  Aug 19, 2014

"“Running as Dems While Sounding Republican.” Hey, What Could Go Wrong?"   Campaign For America's Future  Aug 12, 2014

"As Congress Adjourns, GOP Declares “Omission Accomplished”"   Campaign for America's Future  Aug 4, 2014

"Chiding CEOs at Walgreens and Other Corporate Defectors"   Campaign for America's Future  Jul 24, 2014

"Disabled Americans: Pawns in a Larger Social Security Game?"   Campaign For America's Future  Jul 16, 2014

"Revolutionary Independence"   Campaign for America's Future  Jul 4, 2014

"5 Signs the U.S. Is Failing to Protect Women’s Rights in the Workplace"   Campaign for America's Future  Jun 30, 2014

"Unions 2.0? Trumka on Austerity, Elizabeth Warren, and Progressives"   Campaign for Americas Future  Jun 18, 2014

"Obama Could Appoint a “People’s Fed” Board – and Transform the Economy"   Campaign For America's Future  Jun 5, 2014

"What Does Hillary Believe? Populists Want to Know"   ourfuture.org  May 16, 2014

"Look Out, Wall Street, the New Populism is Coming"   ourfuture.org  May 14, 2014

"Bill de Blasio Knows: Affordable Housing is a Civil Right"     May 9, 2014

"“Who Makes the Game?” Donald Sterling Asked the Right Question, Anyway."     May 7, 2014

"Welcome to Plutocrat-geddon! Obama and Thomas Friedman flatter our new billionaire overlords"   salon.com  Apr 24, 2014

"10 Reasons Millennials Should Be Wary of Rand Paul’s Libertarianism"   ourfuture.org  Apr 7, 2014

"Is Charles Koch “Un-American”? Let Thomas Jefferson Decide"   Ethical Technology  Apr 4, 2014

"Bill Clinton and Steny Hoyer: The “Wall Street Democrats” Fight Back"   ourfuture.org  Mar 27, 2014

"Has the Left Surrendered?"   Huff Post  Mar 3, 2014

"10 Reasons To Call For More Than $10.10 as a Minimum Wage"   ourfuture.org  Feb 22, 2014

"5 Obnoxious Libertarian Oligarchs Who Earned Fortunes from the Government They’d Like to Destroy"   AlterNet  Feb 9, 2014

"“Jobs or Inequality”? That’s No Choice at All"   huffingtonpost  Jan 4, 2014

"The Road From Here: What About Medicare and Social Security?"   Huff Post  Oct 22, 2013

"Democrats Must Reject Boehner’s Time-Bomb “Offer”"   ourfuture.org  Oct 11, 2013

"The Robots Are Coming - Now What?"   Huff Post  Sep 30, 2013

"Contemplating War"   ourfuture.org  Sep 3, 2013

"Tom Friedman: A New Ayn Rand for A Dark Digital Future"   Crooks And Liars  Jul 26, 2013

"Grayson, the Guardian, and the Soldiers: Defense Amendment Would End Troop Censorship"   Crooks and Liars  Jul 19, 2013

"The Forgotten Americans"   ourfuture.org  Jul 5, 2013

"Big Money and the NSA Scandal … How Dangerous is the “Security/Digital Complex”?"   Richard Eskow  Jun 10, 2013

"Corporations Are Colonizing Us With Trade Deals – and Wall Street Wants In"     Jun 6, 2013

"Apple Pie May Be American, But Apple Computer Isn’t - Not Anymore"   Huff Post Politics  May 24, 2013

"Mushroom Clouds, Collapsing Buildings: Why We Need Unions"   CrooksAndLiars  May 5, 2013

"Austerity’s Curveballs Push Their Plausible Lies"   crooksandliars.com  Apr 27, 2013

"Real Faces of the Minimum Wage"   The Campaign for America‚Äôs Future   Apr 22, 2013

"If Government “Acted Like a Business” It Would Reject Today’s Deficit Madness"   blog.ourfuture.org  Feb 28, 2013

"Increasing Social Security Benefits: An Idea Whose Time Has Come"   huffingtonpost.com  Feb 19, 2013

"The CBO Report: Six Things You Can’t Talk About in Washington"   huffingtonpost.com  Feb 7, 2013

"Whole Foods’s Mackey: Libertarian Daydreams, “Fascist” Nightmares, And Real People’s Health"   huffingtonpost.com  Jan 17, 2013

"Aaron Swartz Was Gifted and Brave. Too Bad He Wasn’t ‘Too Big to Fail’"   huffingtonpost.com  Jan 14, 2013

"Wall Street-Funded Poll and W. ST.  Bailout King Both Say Cut Social Security"   huffingtonpost.com  Nov 25, 2012

"The Children Of Columbus: The Multinationals And Their Courtiers"   Institute Our Future  Oct 22, 2012

"Don’t Lower Taxes For Billionaires. Double Them."   Institute Our Future  Oct 14, 2012

"The USA Minimum Wage Is So Low That It’s Immoral - and Foolish"   Institute our Future  Aug 1, 2012

"Austero-Erotic Fantasies For The Elites, Terror For Everyone Else"   Institute our Future  Jul 27, 2012

"Banksters Go Wild - and “The Economist” Joins the Revolution"   Institute our Future  Jul 8, 2012

"Texas Tornadoes: Climate Change - and Climate Deniers - in the Lone Star State"   Huffington Post  Apr 10, 2012

"Think Locally, Occupy Globally: Our Fight Is the World’s - and Vice Versa"   Huffington Post  Mar 18, 2012

"Bankers Shouldn’t Worry About Drum Circles - But Some of ‘Em Should Worry About Subpoenas"   Huffington Post  Mar 5, 2012

"Hell Is Cheaper: China, Apple and the Economics of Horror"   Huffington Post  Feb 20, 2012

"Six Quick Points About Why Austerity is a Dumb Idea"   Huffington Post  Jan 11, 2012

"Notable Death of the Year: RIP Austerity Economics, 1921-2011"   Huffington Post  Dec 28, 2011

"Dr. Strange: Newt Gingrich and Conservatism’s Insane Idea Industry"   Campaign for America's Future  Dec 14, 2011

"From Alexandria to Zuccotti Park: They’ve Been Destroying Books For 2000 Years"   Huffington Post  Nov 26, 2011

"Here’s Occupy Wall Street’s ‘One Demand’—Sanity"   Huffington Post  Oct 4, 2011

"Eight Reasons Not to Raise the Age for Medicare Eligibility"   Huffington Post  Sep 5, 2011

"Pay the Young to Build the Future"   Big Ideas to Get America Working  Aug 23, 2011

"MadisonWorld: A Future Where Corporations Have Human Rights… and Humans Don’t"   Huffington Post  Mar 23, 2011

"#17: Cerebral Imperialism"   Ethical Technology  Dec 15, 2010

"If I said I’m thankful for the wisdom of the American people, would you think I’m crazy?"   Campaign for America's Future  Nov 28, 2010

"I Am the Man Who Sees the Future"   Night Light  Nov 27, 2010

"Paying to Make Red Lights Turn Green"   Night Light  Nov 9, 2010

"Social Security Cuts Would Increase Inequity and Keep Deficits, Er, High"   Night Light  Oct 6, 2010

"Moral Questions in the Ancient Art of Human Enhancement"   Night Light  Jul 26, 2010

"Cerebral Imperialism"   Night Light  Jun 3, 2010

"Elvis Presley, Transhumanist?"   Ethical Technology  Jan 12, 2010

"Objects In The Mirror May Be Closer Than They Appear"   Ethical Technology  Dec 8, 2009

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