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Ben Goertzel

Ben Goertzel ( is founder and CEO of two computer science firms Novamente LLC ( and Biomind LLC (, and of the non-profit Artificial General Intelligence Research Institute ( He has served as a university faculty in several departments of mathematics, computer science and cognitive science, in the US, Australia and New Zealand.  He is author of two books focused on the future of technology and society Creating Internet Intelligence (Plenum, 2001) and The Path to Posthumanity (Academica, 2006). He serves as Director of Research for the Singularity Institute for AI.

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The Multiverse According

Self is to Long-Term Memory as Awareness is to Short-Term Memory

AGI in Xiamen ... and some rambling on the "creativity economy"

Eureeka!! -- The Underlying Logic Unifying Quantum Theory and General Relativity, Revealed Over a Plate of Sour Fish Consumed Over South China

Open-Source Robots + Robot Simulators + Virtual Worlds + AI = ???

Artificial Wisdom (... episodic memory, general intelligence, the Tao of John Coltrane, and so forth)


The End of the Beginning: Life, Society and Economy on the Brink of the Singularity by Ben Goertzel (2015)

Ten Years To the Singularity If We Really Really Try: ... and other Essays on AGI and its Implicatio by Ben Goertzel (2014)

Between Ape and Artilect: Conversations with Pioneers of AGI and Other Transformative Technologies by Ben Goertzel ed. (2014)

The Transhumanist Reader: Classical and Contemporary Essays by eds. Max More and Natasha Vita-More (2013)

Artificial General Intelligence (Cognitive Technologies) by Ben Goertzel (Editor), Cassio Pennachin (Editor) (2007)

The Path to Posthumanity by Ben Goertzel, Stephan Vladimir Bugaj (2006)

The Hidden Pattern: A Patternist Philosophy of Mind by Ben Goertzel (2006)

Mind in Time: The Dynamics of Thought, Reality, and Consciousness by Allan Combs, Mark Germine, Ben Goertzel eds. (2002)

Creating Internet Intelligence by Ben Goertzel  (2002)

From Complexity to Creativity by Ben Goertzel (1997)

Linus Pauling: A Life in Science and Politics by Ben Goertzel, Ted George Goertzel (1995)

Chaotic Logic by Ben Goertzel  (1994)

Evolving Mind by Ben Goertzel (1993)

The Structure of Intelligence by Ben Goertzel  (1993)


"Humans for Transparency in Artificial Intelligence"  Mar 17, 2016

"Report on Nigeria ICT Festival 2015"   Ethical Technology  Jan 19, 2016

"OpenAI - My Quick Thoughts"  Jan 18, 2016

"Getting Human-Like Values into Advanced OpenCog AGIs"   The Multiverse According to Ben   Dec 26, 2015

"Technoprogressive Political Platform for the USA"   Ethical Technology  Nov 9, 2015

"Creating Human-Friendly AGIs and Superintelligences: Two Theses"   MultiverseAccordingtoBen  Nov 7, 2015

"The First Earthly Superintelligence Will Be an Incremental Mind-Upload of the Global Brain"   Multiverse According to Ben  Sep 6, 2015

"Is a Human Borg-Mind Inevitable?"   Multiverse According to Ben  Sep 5, 2015

"Paranormal Phenomena, Nonlocal Mind, Reincarnation Machines - How I Came to Accept the Paranormal"   Multiverse According to Ben  May 20, 2015

"The Turing Church and Open Source Religion: Ben Goertzel Interviews Giulio Prisco"   Ethical Technology  Dec 25, 2014

"Statement on the Recent TED/Psi/Consciousness Controversy"  Apr 20, 2013

"Live-Blogging the Morning of Day Two of Humanity+ San Francisco"   Ethical Technology  Dec 2, 2012

"How the Brain Works"   Hplusmagazine  Aug 6, 2012

"Creating/Discovering New States of Mind"   Multiverse According to Ben  Jul 21, 2012

"Radical Futurism for Newbies (A Brief Reading List)"  Jun 13, 2012

"The Technological Elimination of Pain is Both Feasible and Possible"   Hplusmagazine  Jun 10, 2012

"How Dangerous is Artificial General Intelligence? - SI’s Luke Muehlhauser Interviews Ben Goertzel"   Hplusmagazine  May 28, 2012

"Someone Should Build a Psychedelic Resort/Lab Seastead"  Apr 27, 2012

"Is God an Alien Mathematician?"   Hplusmagazine  Apr 16, 2012

"Russia 2045: Will the Singularity Be Launched in Russia?"   Hplusmagazine  Apr 12, 2012

"Ray Kurzweil’s (Sometimes) Wrong Predictions"   The Multiverse According to Ben  Mar 30, 2012

"Are Prediction and Reward Relevant to Superintelligences?"   Multiverse According to Ben  Mar 24, 2012

"Will Corporations Prevent the Singularity?"  Mar 18, 2012

"Why Time Appears To Move Forward"   The Multiverse According to Ben  Feb 23, 2012

"FAQ on AGI and The Singularity"   Ben Goertzel  Feb 16, 2012

"Lifelong Forgetting: A Critical Ingredient of Lifelong Learning"   AAAI Publications  Jan 24, 2012

"Inorganic Macrocell Bots — A New Start for Intelligent Robotics?"   H Plus Magazine  Sep 18, 2011

"Does Humanity Need an AI Nanny?"   H+ Magazine  Sep 5, 2011

"Wendell Wallach on Machine Morality"   H Plus Magazine  May 29, 2011

"The Global Brain, Existential Risks, and the Future of AGI"   H Plus Magazine  Apr 15, 2011

"Technological Transcendence: An Interview with Giulio Prisco"   H+ Magazine  Mar 23, 2011

"Why an Intelligence Explosion is Probable"   H+ Magazine  Mar 22, 2011

"Francis Heylighen on the Emerging Global Brain"   H+ Magazine  Mar 19, 2011

"Watson: Supercharged Search Engine or Prototype Robot Overlord?"   H Plus Magazine  Feb 20, 2011

"There’s Plenty More Room at the Bottom: Beyond Nanotech to Femtotech"   H Plus Magazine  Jan 11, 2011

"The China Brain Project"   Kansei Engineering and Soft Computing: Theory and Practice  Jan 1, 2011

"Will Decreasing Scarcity Allow us to Approach an Optimal Meta-Society?"   The Multiverse According to Ben  Dec 30, 2010

"A world survey of artificial brain projects, Part II: Biologically inspired cognitive architectures"   Neurocomputing  Dec 4, 2010

"A world survey of artificial brain projects, Part I: Large-scale brain simulations"   Neurocomputing  Dec 3, 2010

"Sentence generation for artificial brains: a glocal similarity matching approach"   Neurocomputing  Dec 1, 2010

"The Singularity Institute’s Scary Idea (and Why I Don’t Buy It)"   The Multiverse According to Ben  Oct 31, 2010

"How long until human-level AI?"   Seth Baum  Sep 19, 2010

"AIs, Superflies, and the Path to Immortality"   H+ Magazine  Aug 22, 2010

"Book Review - A Cosmist Manifesto: Practical Philosophy for the Posthuman Age, by Ben Goertzel"   Giulio Prisco  Jul 22, 2010

"Might There Be Intelligences in Other “Dimensions”?"   Cosmist Manifesto  Jul 12, 2010

"Object/gesture recognition software in the “China Brain Project”"   Proceedings of ICCI 2010, Beijing  Jul 7, 2010

"The End of Education"   Cosmist Manifesto  Jun 26, 2010

"Work and Play"   Cosmist Manifesto  Jun 17, 2010

"Day 1 Afternoon of H+ Summit: Rise of the Citizen Scientist"   Ethical Technology  Jun 12, 2010

"Goals and Meta-Goals"   Cosmist Manifesto  Jun 1, 2010

"OpenCog Bot: Achieving Generally Intelligent Virtual Agent Control and Humanoid Robotics…"   Proceeedings of ICAI 2010, Beijing  May 5, 2010

"How Should Society Be Structured?"   Cosmist Manifesto  Apr 23, 2010

"The Sociocultural Mind"   Cosmist Manifesto  Apr 15, 2010

"Indra:  Emergent Ontologies from Text for Feeding Data to Simulations"   Spring Simulation Interoperability Workshop  Apr 12, 2010

"Obsolete the Dilemma!"   Cosmist Manifesto  Apr 6, 2010

"Joy, Growth and Choice"   Cosmist Manifesto  Mar 24, 2010

"Compassion"   Cosmist Manifesto  Mar 17, 2010

"Infinite-Order Probabilities and their Application to Modeling Self-Referential Semantics"   Proceeedings of ICAI 2010, Beijing  Mar 8, 2010

"A Probabilistic Characterization of Fuzzy Set Membership…"   Proceeedings of ICAI 2010, Beijing  Mar 7, 2010

"Artificial Brains: a Review of the State of the Art and a Roadmap for Future Development"   Proceeedings of ICAI 2010, Beijing  Mar 6, 2010

"Joy and Pain"   Cosmist Manifesto  Mar 6, 2010

"Patterns All the Way Down!"   Cosmist Manifesto  Mar 4, 2010

"Uncertain Spatiotemporal Logic for General Intelligence"   Advances in Intelligent Systems Research  Mar 4, 2010

"Toward a Formal Characterization of Real-World General Intelligence"   Advances in Intelligent Systems Research  Mar 3, 2010

"A General Intelligence Oriented Architecture for Embodied Natural Language Processing"   Advances in Intelligent Systems Research  Mar 2, 2010

"Grounding Possible Worlds Semantics in Experiential Semantics"   Advances in Intelligent Systems Research  Mar 1, 2010

"First, Second, Third"   Cosmist Manifesto  Mar 1, 2010

"The Theater of Reflective, Deliberative Consciousness"   Cosmist Manifesto  Feb 19, 2010

"Will and Intention: Illusion and Reality"   Cosmist Manifesto  Feb 12, 2010

"Causality (A Convenient Construct)"   Cosmist Manifesto  Feb 7, 2010

"The Phenomenal Self"   Cosmist Manifesto  Feb 2, 2010

"Some Cosmist Principles"   Cosmist Manifesto  Jan 26, 2010

"Water Worlds, Naive Physics, Intelligent Life,  and Alien Minds"   Journal of Cosmology  Jan 18, 2010

"Dialoguing with the US Military on the Ethics of Battlebots"   Humanity+  Dec 15, 2009

"AI And What To Do About It: Invest in human obsolescence"   Forbes  Jun 24, 2009

"Classifier ensemble based analysis of a genome-wide SNP dataset…"   Journal of Cognitive Informatics  Jun 15, 2009

"Technological versus Subjective Acceleration"   Multiverse According to Ben  Sep 30, 2008

"Artificial Wisdom"   The Multiverse According to Ben  Apr 20, 2008

"Mirror Neurons, Mirrorhouses, and the Algebraic Structure of the Self"   Dynamical Psychology  Apr 19, 2007

"A System-Theoretic Analysis of Focused Cognition,and its Implications for the Emergence of Self and"   Dynamical Psychology  Nov 4, 2006

"Encouraging a Positive Transcension: Issues in Transhumanist Ethical Philosophy"   Dynamical Psychology  Feb 17, 2004

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Goertzel Launches Indiegogo to create AI Tablets for African Children (Mar 12, 2016)

Ben Goertzel Feature Article in WIRED (Jan 27, 2016)

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Past Appearances

Future of Mind symposium (The Center for Transformative Media, NYC - Jul 20, 2016)

Goertzel @ Exponential Future Symposium (Hong Kong - May 09, 2015)

Goertzel @ Artificial General Intelligence (AGI-13) (Beijing, China - Jul 31, 2013)

Goertzel and Vita-More @ Second International Global Future 2045 Congress (New York, NY - Jun 15, 2013)

Goertzel, Wicks @ 2013 Conference of the Mormon Transhumanist Association (Salt Lake City, UT - Apr 05, 2013)

Goertzel @ Artificial General Intelligence (AGI-12) & Impacts and Risks of AGI (AGI-Impacts) (Oxford, UK - Dec 07, 2012)

Kuscewski, de Grey, Goertzel, Brin, Pearce, Cascio, Hughes, Glenn, Vita-More, Naam @ H+ SanFran 2012 (San Francisco State University, San Francisco, CA USA - Dec 01, 2012)

Humanity+ @ Hong Kong: Living Forever (Hong Kong - Dec 03, 2011)

Goertzel @ Singularity Summit @Melbourne (Melbourne, Australia - Aug 20, 2011)

Ben Goertzel, Natasha Vita-More, J. Hughes @ HumanityPlus Summit (New York, US - May 14, 2011)

Goertzel @ The Emerging Global Brain (Online - Mar 20, 2011)

Ben Goertzel @ International Conference on Advanced Intelligence (Beijing, China - Aug 20, 2010)

Ben Goertzel & Ramez Naam @ Singularity Summit 2010 (San Francisco, CA USA - Aug 14, 2010)

Hughes, Dvorsky, deGrey, Goertzel, Vita-More, Lin and Naam @ H+ Summit (Cambridge, MA - Jun 12, 2010)

The Third Conference on Artificial General Intelligence (Lugano, Switzerland - Mar 05, 2010)


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