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The Super-Shulgin Academy: A Singularity I Can Believe In

Network Society: the coming socio-economic phase transformation

Daniel Dennett: In Defense of Robotic Consciousness

Stefan Sorgner speaking on Transhumanism and Star Wars

Against Transhuman Separatism: Breakaway Cultures Become Broken Cultures

Will Reproductive Rights Advocates Stand Up for Men?

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DidierC on 'Radical Life Extension can be Developed Quickly for the Mainstream: Interview with Didier Coeurnelle' (Feb 11, 2016)

spud100 on 'The Super-Shulgin Academy: A Singularity I Can Believe In' (Feb 11, 2016)

randomname on '"McMindfulness": is Buddhism contaminated by capitalism?" - interview with Terry Hyland' (Feb 10, 2016)

Giulio Prisco on 'The Small Mammal Brain Preservation Prize Has Been Won' (Feb 10, 2016)

Giulio Prisco on 'The Small Mammal Brain Preservation Prize Has Been Won' (Feb 10, 2016)

Giulio Prisco on 'The Small Mammal Brain Preservation Prize Has Been Won' (Feb 10, 2016)

almostvoid on 'John Searle’s Critique of Ray Kurzweil' (Feb 10, 2016)

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Enframing the Flesh: Heidegger, Transhumanism, and the Body as “Standing Reserve”

Moral Enhancement and Political Realism

Intelligent Technologies and Lost Life

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Basic Income Guarantee will allow us to move up the Maslow Pyramid - interview with Gerd Leonhard
Feb 7, 2016
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Becoming the First Transhuman: A Call For The Right Stuff
Jan 17, 2016
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“McMindfulness”: is Buddhism contaminated by capitalism?” - interview with Terry Hyland
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The one percent discovers transhumanism: Davos 2016
Feb 6, 2016
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IEET > Affiliate Scholar > Jønathan Lyons

Jønathan Lyons

Jønathan Lyons is an affiliate scholar for the IEET. He is also a transhumanist parent, an essayist, and an author of experimental fiction both long and short. He lives in central Pennsylvania and teaches at Bucknell University. His fiction publications include Minnows: A Shattered Novel


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"Mindplexing - Cooperative, Shared, Distributed Collaboration between Networked Minds"   Ethical Technology  Sep 6, 2015

"Futurism: Go Big"   Ethical Technology  Oct 30, 2014

"The Smallpox Dilemma"     Jun 12, 2014

"A Biocentric Multiverse"   Ethical Technology  Mar 24, 2014

"My strategies for longevity"   Ethical Technology  Feb 14, 2014

"A Continuum of Personhood"   Ethical Technology  Dec 4, 2013

"Inception: Lucid Dreaming as Radical Life Extension"   Ethical Technology  Nov 17, 2013

"Personhood: Revisiting the Hierarchy of “Ender’s Game” to expand the circle"   Ethical Technology  Oct 9, 2013

"Abolition and the Simulation Argument"   Ethical Technology  Jun 4, 2013

"Abolition is Imperative in Kurzweil’s Sixth Epoch Scenario"   Ethical Technology  May 25, 2013

"How will religious institutions cope with technological immortality?"   Ethical Technology  Mar 8, 2013

"The Personhood of the Technologically/Differently Sentient"   Ethical Technology  Jan 31, 2013

"The Networked Species"   Ethical Technology  Dec 22, 2012

"Was Helen O’Loy a person, or merely a thing?"   Ethical Technology  Nov 21, 2012

"Is it Time for an Enhanced Olympics?"   Ethical Technology  Oct 21, 2012

"How Do We Judge Nonhuman Beings’ Personhood?"   Ethical Technology  Oct 4, 2012

"To Mindfile-Me, or Not to Mindfile-Me?"   Ethical Technology  Sep 7, 2012

"My H+ Shopping List - Six Excellent Upgrade Items Available Now"   Ethical Technology  Jul 5, 2012

"Personhood: the Thrones We Place Ourselves Upon"   Ethical Technology  Jun 27, 2012

"Transhumanist Papa: a talk with my six-month-old son"   Ethical Technology  Jun 16, 2012

"Determining Personhood: Not Black & White, But Many Shades of Gray"   Ethical Technology  Jun 11, 2012

"The Puzzle of Personhood"   Ethical Technology  Jun 4, 2012

"Who, or what, is a person? Speciesism and Substrate Chauvinism"   Ethical Technology  May 20, 2012

"The Hierarchy of Exclusion in “Ender’s Game” — a starting point for thinking about personhood"   Ethical Technology  Apr 30, 2012


New Affiliate Scholars: Jønathan Lyons and Marc Roux (Sep 15, 2013)


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