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Andrew Maynard

Andrew Maynard is Director of the Risk Science Center at the University of Michigan School of Public Health.

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2020 Science

Will driving your own car one day be as socially unacceptable as smoking in public?

Taking on the complex ethics of emerging brain technologies

Navigating the nanotechnology risk landscape – pointers for early career scientists

A fifth grader (and up) introduction to nanotechnology

Elon Musk’s new master plan will take more than advanced tech to pull off


"#12: Bad luck and cancer; did the media get it wrong?"   Risk Science Center  Dec 20, 2015

"Should You Be Concerned About Gene Drives?"   2020 Science  Dec 13, 2015

"Politics Don’t Always Play a Role in Attitudes Toward Science Issues"   2020Science  Jul 5, 2015

"A Call to Proactively Support Women in Science"   2020Science  Jun 20, 2015

"Should indoor tanning be banned?"   2020science  Jun 15, 2015

"Is novelty in nanomaterials overrated when it comes to risk?"   2020 Science  Apr 23, 2015

"No New York Times, wearable computers couldn’t be as harmful as cigarettes!"   Risk Science Center  Mar 23, 2015

"Solving public health challenges through innovation"   Risk Science Center  Mar 17, 2015

"Dunkin’ Donuts ditches titanium dioxide – but is it actually harmful?"   2020 Science  Mar 12, 2015

"Responsible Innovation, and the (nano) entrepreneur’s dilemma"  Mar 7, 2015

"Responsible development of new technologies critical in complex, connected world"   Risk Science Center  Mar 5, 2015

"Measles mortality rates – 2008-2011 outbreak, France"  Feb 5, 2015

"Is novelty in nanomaterials overrated when it comes to risk?"  Feb 2, 2015

"World Economic Forum highlights risks of emerging technologies"   2020 Science  Jan 15, 2015

"Bad luck and cancer – did the media get it wrong?"   Risk Science Center  Jan 3, 2015

"Could we one day 3D print Arnold Schwarzenegger’s brain?"   Risk Science Center  Dec 11, 2014

"New study shows “BPA-free” labels may increase risky behavior"   Risk Science Center  Dec 7, 2014

"A decade of uncertainty in nanoscale science and engineering"   Risk Science Center  Nov 19, 2014

"A Scientist’s Manifesto"     Nov 17, 2014

"Mapping global risks and opportunities in 2015"   Risk Science Center  Nov 8, 2014

"Framing Emerging Technologies"  Nov 2, 2014

"Combatting Ebola: Moving beyond the hype"  Oct 25, 2014

"Nano silver and ebola: Show us the data, or remove claims (FDA)"   Risk Science Center  Oct 6, 2014

"Interactively visualizing major health risks"  Sep 28, 2014

"So you want to write better science blog posts…"  Sep 24, 2014

"MMR Vaccines and Autism: Bringing clarity to the CDC Whistleblower Story"   Risk Science  Sep 14, 2014

"Why aren’t we more scared of measles?"   Risk Science  Sep 11, 2014

"Fumed silica: Another nano material we need to worry about?"   Risk Science  Sep 4, 2014

"While the world watches Ebola, Meningitis continues to kill in West Africa"   Risk Science Center  Aug 26, 2014

"Advanced Materials – What’s the big deal?"   Risk Science Center  Aug 21, 2014

"Is using nano silver to treat Ebola misguided?"   Risk Science  Aug 16, 2014

"Confessions of a Scientist Communicator"   2020 Science  Aug 5, 2014

"Hacking the world, public health style"   2020 Science  Jul 31, 2014

"When risk gets personal"  Jul 23, 2014

"The gathering storm of lab safety: Pathogen safety in federal labs"   2020 Science  Jul 21, 2014

"How safe is the world’s darkest material?"   2020 Science  Jul 18, 2014

"Responsible innovation key to the success of emerging technologies"   2020 Science  Jul 17, 2014

"Do we need a better definition for synthetic biology?"   2020 Science  Jul 16, 2014

"Nanojuice for GI tract imaging – is it safe?"   2020 Science  Jul 15, 2014

"Nanoparticles in Dunkin’ Donuts? Do the math!"  Jul 14, 2014

"Geeking Out on the Science of Risk"   2020-science  Apr 14, 2014

"Talk to the Hand: Risk Bites, six months on"   2020 Science  May 27, 2013

"Carbon nanotubes as a potent cancer promoter – new data from NIOSH"   2020 Science  Mar 14, 2013

"Top 10 Most Promising Technology Trends 2013, from the World Economic Forum"   Ethical Technology  Feb 14, 2013

"At the frontiers of the science of health risk – five areas to watch"   2020science  Jan 7, 2013

"Open Access Academics: Experiments with YouTube, the Science of Risk, and Professional Amateurism"   2020science  Oct 18, 2012

"Jumping the Gap between a USA and UK High School Education"   2020 Science  Jul 29, 2012

"“We Took a Rat Apart and Rebuilt It as a Jellyfish”"   2020 Science  Jul 24, 2012

"Online Learning is where Online Music was Five Years Ago"   2020Science  Jul 6, 2012

"YouTube does the the Higgs Boson – Science communication on the quick!"   2020Science  Jul 6, 2012

"VidCon and YouTube Science"   2020 Science  Jun 24, 2012

"Carbon Nanoparticles could be Ubiquitous to Many Foods"   2020 Science  May 25, 2012

"2012 World Economic Forum Global Risk Report"   2020 Science  Feb 12, 2012

"Emerging Technologies and Sustainability: What’s risk got to do with it?"   2020 Science  Sep 28, 2011

"Davos 2011—Committed to changing the state of the world"   2020 Science  Feb 7, 2011

"Building a Sustainable Future"   2020 Science  Jan 21, 2011

"#9: Nanotechnology and Cancer Treatment"   Ethical Technology  Dec 23, 2010

"Small Gods and the Art of Technology Innovation"   2020 Science  Dec 8, 2010

"Emerging Technologies at the World Economic Forum"   2020 Science  Dec 2, 2010

"Beyond the Obvious – Lessons from the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill"   2020 Science  Oct 29, 2010

"Limited resources and emerging technologies: China does the math"   2020 Science  Oct 22, 2010

"Rehabilitating “Risk”"   2020 Science  Oct 14, 2010

"Could precisely engineered nanoparticles provide a novel geoengineering tool?"   2020 Science  Sep 17, 2010

"Filtering the Flashy from the Transformative"   Open the Future  Sep 16, 2010

"What do people think about synthetic biology?"   2020 Science  Sep 13, 2010

"Rethinking Nanotechnology"   2020 Science  Sep 3, 2010

"Smart Science for the 21st Century"   2020 Science  Aug 9, 2010

"Reflections on the Safety of Nanotechnology-Based Sunscreens"   2020 Science  Jul 19, 2010

"Welcome to real science!"   2020 Science  Jun 25, 2010

"The Future Safety of Synthetic Biology"   2020 Science  May 28, 2010

"At the Dawn of a New Technology"   2020 Science  May 22, 2010

"Building Trust Between Science and Society"   2020 Science  May 11, 2010

"Power to the People"   2020 Science  May 3, 2010

"White House Planning Policy Group on Emerging Technologies"   2020 Science  Apr 12, 2010

"Why We Need Technology Ratchets"   2020 Science  Mar 10, 2010

"Nanotechnology and Cancer Treatment"   2020 Science  Mar 7, 2010

"Why I Don’t Believe in Technology Innovation"   2020 Science  Feb 18, 2010

"Owning the Carbon Cycle"   2020 Science  Jan 31, 2010

"“No Small Matter” – A connoisseur’s guide to delicate work"   2020 Science  Jan 20, 2010

"Ten Emerging Technology Trends of the Next Ten years"   2020 Science  Dec 29, 2009

"Scientist just wants to have fun – a compendium of mindless games for the holiday season!"   2020 Science  Dec 25, 2009

"Science and Technology Innovation: Looking to the Future"   2020 Science  Dec 9, 2009

"What’s technology innovation got to do with it?"   2020 Science  Nov 23, 2009

"Do scientists encourage misleading media coverage?"   2020 Science  Nov 1, 2009

"Riding the Wave: Rethinking Science & Technology Policy"   2020 Science  Oct 16, 2009

"Living in a Post-Chemistry World"   2020 Science  Sep 12, 2009

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Andrew Maynard to direct the new Risk Innovation Lab at Arizona State University (Jul 10, 2015)


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